I always enjoy receiving products that we can explore with the grandchildren and the Friends of Beetopia is exactly that.

Friends of Beetopia or https://beetopia.buzz/ offers products that encourage children to think about pollinators, especially the bees.

They do this by selling starter kits or individual products that are based on the book Billy the Bravest Bee.

Billy the Bravest Bee book

The book tells a story about a colony of bees who are struggling because of a shortage of pollen because we have built and not taken their needs into account (true story).

Billy hears about a place called Beetopia where there is an abundance of pollen and so he sets off and along the way he is helped by various animals and finally helped by Emily and he returns to the hive and leads them to their new home in Beetopia.

We are lucky to have a hive in our garden but even before that I would teach the grand kids about the bees and we would lay by the un-mown part of the lawn watching the bees on the Clover.

Friends of Beetopia

Friends of Beetopia have taken their book and gone further by offering the Starter Kits and individual pottery pieces that inspire young minds and get them out into the garden or growing plants in a pot and interested in nature.

What’s so great about Friends of Beetopia?

• We’re encouraging people to take individual action, to Bee their own Hero!
• Creating Space for the Bees to replace lost habitats
• Raising awareness of Pollinator Issues
• Sharing Best Practice, tips and advice on what we can all do to help the pollinators
• Encouraging Creativity through painting, playing and planting.
• Family time – it’s a great way to sit with the kids / grandkids and connect doing something fun and
•Mindfulness, the look of concentration on the kids (and adults) faces is a picture.
• Unplugging from screens and focusing on the task at hand is a great way to be mindful. 


The Friends of Beetopia through the book and paint-able pots encourage children to create their own Beetopia.

Bee Hotel

Now you don’t need a hive like ours in your garden to create a Beetopia, you can easily build or buy a Bee Hotel like the one pictured above.

But you can also create a Beetopia just by planting some plants that the pollinators will like and that can be done in borders, pots or even a window box and allowing part of your garden, especially your lawn to grow wild, you will be creating the perfect Beetopia.

Friends of Beetopia
Reading Billy the Bravest Bee with our Grandchildren

And reading Billy the Bravest Bee will help them to understand that the bees and other pollinators need the plants and trees to survive.

Money from the sales of the book and the kits then helps to pay for;

  • Fully funded educational and fun paint and plant activities in local schools informing the young generation of the issues facing pollinators and how they can help.
  • Fully funded sessions for elderly/socially isolated individuals to get involved and combat loneliness whilst getting out of the house and making friends.
  • Financial support to local and national bee friendly projects.
  • Donating pots and paints to local community groups who commit to building their own Beetopia.

We had a lot of fun with Oscar and Olivia painting the pots and reading Billy the Bravest Bee and they will be using those pots to plant up some herbs for next year.

Oscar and Olivia with the Strawberries and  Cucumber that we have grown.

Encouraging children to grow plants and have an interest in nature rather than wanting to watch TV or play on a tablet can only be a good thing, they remember the time spent doing these things and they will then enjoy and respect nature.

Check out Friends of Beetopia at https://beetopia.buzz/ and on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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