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Why I recommend For The Ageless?

Why I recommend for the Ageless?
CBD e-liquids from For The Ageless on sale

CBD, it is everywhere lately, the media, discussions on health and some big brands are even introducing some new products that contain CBD.

The big problem is not knowing where to buy it, but where to buy products that contain the levels of CBD they claim are in the products and levels that will actually work for you.

A single drop in 50 litres can misleadingly lead to claims of ‘contains CBD‘.

But I can help you with that one!

There are so many CBD products available that choosing a product can be daunting, you have heard it works but what type of CBD product should you buy and what brand?

This from For The Ageless is one reason why I think you should buy from them!

As customers, back in 2016 we were struggling to find the best quality CBD oil for a family member who needed it. It was hard to figure out which brands were genuine and offered the best quality at an affordable price. We called up suppliers, interviewed them, learned about the importance of organic standards, third-party testing, good manufacturing practice and food supplement regulations.

We quickly found out that marketing messages could disguise bad-quality products or undermine good-quality ones. We saw how some of the better brands spent little if anything in advertising and relied on word of mouth and a quality product. We took it on ourselves to tell their story and have ended up stocking the ones we believe in. These are brands we’ve tried and tested ourselves and follow a strict selection criteria.

The For The Ageless website is easy to navigate and contains a blog that has posts that answer all the questions you might have about CBD and if you still are unsure then their customer service team will answer your questions via Online Chat, Email or by Phone.

I have reviewed a wide range of products from For The Ageless

In this video My wife Donna and I discuss some of the products we have used

I cannot fully explain how much CBD has helped me. In the late 80’s I started to suffer from anxiety attacks, they got out of control and in 1999 I had breakdown and was treated in a mental healthcare day unit.

The anxiety destroyed my life, it massively affected my family as I wouldn’t travel on motorways or on buses, trains, aircraft and so my wife and daughters missed out on days out, on holidays etc.

Since I have started taking CBD, my mind is calm once again, I have been in lifts which were either a no or done so with severe anxiety. I have travelled to a hospital appointment an hours drive away and had no anxiety at all.

I am now thinking as I did before it all began!

It also helps with pain, I don’t think it lowers the pain levels but helps me cope with it and because I am relaxed it helps.

What I love is it is a natural product with no side effects!

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