I’m now of little help in the garden and so my wife is left to do most jobs on her own, the garden is 100′ x 40′ and 90′ of that is mainly lawn. The main problem when we first moved in was cutting the lawn as we only had a small flymo but that problem has been sorted with a decent petrol mower.

So last summer we had a nicely cut lawn and it was then we noticed that it was home to many weeds and some of them had roots that looked like they had been fed steroids. My wife slowly went round with a trowel and started to try and dig them out, it was a long and tedious job and she seemed to be getting nowhere because of the vast number of weeds.

We then saw the advert for a weed puller, not only did it look easy but it also kind of looked like fun as well and so we went out to buy one. We found one in a garden centre, its a Fiskars W52 Weed Puller that is said to remove weeds in three simple steps, simply Step-Pull-Eject. We stood there debating about whether or not it was worth the price, it was about £45 but we thought it would be worth it if it really did what it said it did.


We got back home and wasted no time in putting it to the test, so over the centre of the weed and step on the foot plate to dig it in, with your foot still on the foot plate you tilt it back and oh wow, the entire weed and root was pulled from the lawn in seconds and then the weed is ejected in a manner that is like a pump shotgun and it gives it an amazing feeling as you discard the weed in a gangster like way. I was jealous, first my wife gets a new petrol mower and when I could walk we never had one and now this amazing weed tool, I was determined to have a go and so whilst sat in my wheelchair I targeted a weed and I used the caster wheel instead of my foot and it worked, “Hasta la Vista weed” I said in a bad Terminator impression.


Really Useful Stuff also sell the weed puller HERE

They also sell a vast amount of products mobility related http://shop.reallyusefulstuff.co/


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

5 thought on “Fiskars Weed Puller”
  1. I love gardening and it is the one thing I really grieve for – being able to garden without lots of help. Our garden is big and over the years we have slowly raised beds so makes things easier for me, however I still need help to get tools and then tidy away when I suddenly can’t do any more. This weed puller looks fun!

      1. Raised beds for the likes of vegetable planting definitely. Long reach tools certainly have their place elsewhere. Can’t have everything raised too costly with a large garden.

  2. I’m really glad my husband is so into yard work. There is just no way I can keep up given the RA and fibro pain/fatigue. My husband saw one of those weeding devices and he was sure it wouldn’t work. Perhaps it’s worth a try.

    1. They are very good. Its horrible when we have to give up things we enjoy, I’m not good at pacing and will sit on my bum and do some weeding for 20 mins and then pay for it 🙂

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