I have problems with my hands, years of using crutches has left me with carpal tunnel syndrome, my wrists are painful and my hands are stiff and also painful. This combined with the fact I’m in a wheelchair makes gardening very difficult and I miss pottering in the garden. My mum is an avid gardener and growing up with this love of gardening means that I have a decent knowledge on what to do and what not to, don’t get me wrong, I’m no Monty Don or Alan Titchmarsh.

Fiskars PowerGear P94 Pruners

Spring is finally here and many of our shrubs need pruning but anything too thick means I cant prune it with our secateurs and if I do manage it, then I end up causing more pain in may hands. So we have got our hands on a pair of the Fiskars PowerGear P94 loppers/secateurs and I couldn’t wait to try them out and so off I went.

Fiskars PowerGear P94 Pruners

They come with a plastic holster that can slide onto a pocket, belt or waistband but I slid it onto the calf strap on my wheelchair. The first thing I liked was the way they feel, they just feel very nice to hold but when I opened them I was worried they would be too big for my wife to hold as she has tiny hands but she tried them and that is when I lost the loppers! She went straight out into the garden and started pruning a Fuchsia, “oh wow” she said as she trimmed the fuchsia in no time at all and then I properly put them to the test, a large Fatsia needed a trim and the loppers as the saying goes were like a knife through butter, it says they cut through diameters up to 26mm and I went through 23mm with ease.

Gardening with a disability

The best thing is that I didn’t struggle despite my hands being quite painful and stiff today and I haven’t caused any more pain or stiffness through using them and this is because these loppers work differently to any I have used before! As you squeeze the handles the bottom handle rotates inwards with your fingers and it feels very natural, the gearing inside the loppers means you generate three times as much force and this is what makes them so easy to use with very little power.

Fiskars PowerGear P94 Pruners

I’ve had a chance to give these some more use over the past couple of days and I love these pruners, my mum visited and she is an avid gardener and she has a lovely garden, I think she has gone to buy a pair of these secateurs after playing with ours and my father in law also was really impressed with them.

So if you have problems with your hands because of stiffness caused by arthritis or reduced grip then these could be the loppers/secateurs for you!

I’m very impressed with Fiskars products, this is the link to my review of their weed puller!


It is five years since we got these secateurs and they have served us well.

Both me and my wife have problems with our hands and the gearing in these helps us despite having a weaker grip than we would have and we have pruned our roses, dogwood and Elder and we can rely on them to do the job every time.

This is one piece of kit that needs to be of a good quality otherwise you are going to struggle and also if you don’t get a clean cut, then disease can become a problem.



By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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