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Feeling the breeze on my screen.

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I enjoy weather, not a warm sunny day with no clouds and no wind, to me that is a lack of weather!
I love nothing more than a thunder storm, the deep low rumbles that go on for ages are incredible and I love the rain beating down, in fact I proposed to my wife in the pouring rain, it was the type of rain that bounces high off the road and I got down on bended knee and pulled out the ring.

We had a conservatory at our old property and I would lay on the settee out there when it rained, the doors to the dining room closed so that the only noise was the rain beating down and it was my idea of heaven.
When we moved I purchased a cheap one man tent and I would then lay out in the tent in summer during a storm, some may say I’m a little crazy but my family would disagree and say I’m a lot crazy.

So a few years ago for my birthday I was given a weather station, it was attached to the shed and wirelessly sent the info indoors to the base station. However when we moved here my family had a fence post put in and it was put on a pole and now sits 20ft up, it transmits the data to the base station and that is connected an old notebook with a broken screen and the data is then sent to a website that collects data from home weather stations from all around the world. So I can then use their app and view all the data from my tablet. Its a long way round but it means I always have access to current weather conditions and forecasts. It also has its own twitter account and tweets current conditions every 15 minutes like this 12.5°C, Wind 17.3mph NW, 997.2hpa Rising, Rain 1.5mm., Forecast Showery early, improving #Weather.

I’m no Michael Fish but it keeps me happy!

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