Fathers Day is fast approaching and it is always difficult to know what to buy, however if your dad has a beard then he will be very happy to receive some beard care products!

What should you buy?

Beard Oil – This will help make dad’s beard feel softer, smell great and it also helps to prevent beard itch and keeps the skin under dad’s beard moisturised.

Beard Balm – Just like the beard oil a beard balm will make your dads beard feel softer but it will also give it some hold, so dad might not look so scruffy and mum might stop moaning about his beard? (maybe not)

Tash Wax – The moustache hair gets in dads mouth when he eats and so a good tash wax will style it, keep it in place and keep it out of his sandwich. Sorry but it wont stop it getting soaked in his tea, coffee or beer!

Beard Soap/Shampoo – Dad shouldn’t really be using mums hair shampoo on his beard, it isn’t good for his beard as it will take all the oils out and leave it feeling dry. So buy him a beard soap or shampoo that is designed for beards!

Where should you get them from?

However not all beard care products are worth buying, this is especially true of the offerings on the high street and so how do you know what to buy?

Well luckily I have done the hard work and have tested and reviewed over 350 beard care products and so I can tell what are the best brands and products.

Golden Beard Award
Golden Beard Award

Of course anything that is has been awarded the ‘Golden Beard Award‘ is going to be amazing but here are my top recommendations!

Balbo Beard Co

First up is Balbo Beard Co, basically put you can’t go wrong buying from this brand, the products are top quality, the scents are just amazing and the customer service is second to none!

My favourite scents are No 5 which is a blend of Patchouli, Pure Sicilian bergamot & Sandalwod. and No 10 which is a blend of Black Pepper, Benzoin & Neroli.

Here are my reviews of Balbo Beard Co.








SuperfurryBased in Amsterdam Superfurry is a brand that is very different from most and in a very good way.

The Beard Polisher is not like other beard products and I highly recommend it. The Ray of Light and The 40 Crooks are very good scents and owner and creator Ivan has created some very unique scent blends.

I also highly recommend the Moustache wax from Superfurry, the ‘Stache Wax 2.0’ is one of my favourite tash waxes and I love the ‘Spunky Mandarin’ scent.

Here are my reviews of Superfurry.




BeardpilotDanish brand Beardpilot always manages to impress me with their products,from branding to products and scent you will be pleased you chose this brand.

The Spicer scent in the photo is just so damn good, I have a tiny bit of the oil left and I keep hold of it as it so good.

The products are a more expensive than the others I am recommending but the products and your dad are worth it!

Here are my reviews of Beardpilot




Scruff StuffScruff Stuff is based in Ireland and is well-known in the bearded community.

Owner and Creator is among the best, especially when it comes to his scent blend and his beard conditioner!

Why not get your dad a subscription to the Scruff Stuff oils, your dad will receive a bottle of oil per month and it costs £6.95 per month with the first bottle costing only £1. (each month is a different scent)

The Beard Conditioner is just amazing and leaves even the most wirey beard feeling soft!

Here are my reviews of Scruff Stuff.



The Butter SourceThe Butter Source is my favourite product out of all the products I have reviewed.

The scents are subtle and just perfect and even though it says Butter, it is even though it looks light, more like a light clay that gives my beard a good hold and my beard always looks its best when using The Butter Source.

Also the tin is large and so the product lasts for ages!

Here are my reviews of The Butter Source.





Robin Hood Beard CompanyThe Robin Hood Beard Company is my last recommendation.

I recently reviewed this brand and quickly found out why it is so popular, the Dark Honey beard balm was amazing and I was gutted when I had to stop using it and move on to the next product.

Their beard oil is also very nice and your dad would be very grateful for a gift of products from this brand.

Here are my reviews of Robin Hood Beard Company.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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