We used to have a basic first aid kit many years ago but now we really have nothing except the odd plaster and some Germoline. I have been meaning to get some bits but never did and this came around to bite me on the backside. Last week I was drilling two holes in my wheelchair footplate, hole one went fine but on hole No2 the drill bit snapped, the drill slipped and the remaining drill bit went into my wrist.

I was sat on the floor in the hall, I had my hand cupped over the hole and called to my wife for help. She grabbed what we had which was a tea towel, I took my hand off my wrist and the result was a squirt of blood a few inches high and it showed no sign of stopping.

We had nothing to use except the tea towel, I’m sat on the floor and so I asked my wife to phone as I needed a paramedic to sort it. I stay calm because this sort of thing doesn’t affect me, I hate calling for an ambulance and many times I have not called one when I should have, the nurses at the hospital were shocked when we drove to hospital when I had chest pains a while back.

Healing nicely now!

What I really needed this time was a basic dressing, there wasn’t any serious damage. I had no loss of sensation in my hand and fingers and I could move my wrist and fingers. It needed a sterile pad and some pressure until the blood stopped flowing and then a dressing for a few days. The paramedics were here for an hour, it took a while for the wound to stop bleeding and it was cleaned with some saline. I hate calling for an ambulance unless it’s extremely serious but this was a nice spurt of blood, it wasn’t stopping and my disability meant I couldn’t get up and into the car.

So I decided then that we needed a first aid kit and so I searched Amazon for a suitable kit at an affordable price. The kits ranged from a very basic kit up to kits costing £1500 that were marked ‘Active shooter medical kit’ but I decided to settle for a 90 piece kit that cost £16.99 and I also ordered some burn gel and some extra micropore tape.

First aid kit

The kit has got most items we will need in an emergency and for basic knocks, bumps and scrapes. We have two grandchildren and so I expect there will be plenty of those as they grow up and also I am very accident prone.

I personally think everyone should have at least a basic first aid kit in their house and their car. It doesn’t cost much to get the basics put together and you could even buy one item a month. I also believe that first aid should be taught in schools and all pregnant women should learn first aid for babies and children. I was taught the basics when I did my fire fighter training in the late 80’s and when my daughter choked on a piece of meat, I was glad I knew what to do, it saved her life.

How many of you right now have a first aid kit at home?

Our NHS is being stretched beyond what it can handle, our local A&E department is apparently under threat of closure or being down-graded and an ambulance may take a long time to get to you and so can you handle an emergency and do you have the first aid equipment to deal with minor injuries or maybe a serious one?


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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