One of the major issues facing disabled people is the unfair assessments they face with disability benefits.

It is brutal and many people who are entitled to the benefits are refused them after an assessment.

Now I understand that many of you will be thinking that we need these assessments as we need to weed out fraud and yes that is true to a degree but the fraud levels the Conservatives claimed DLA suffered from was wrong and fraud was actually very low.

Now I fully expected to fall short of the points threshold to qualify for PIP (Personal Independence Payment), not because I am not entitled but because I know that many are failed and indeed ESA as I have had assessments for that as well.

But I was shocked, no actually I was very upset when I got a letter back for my ESA assessment going back quite a few years ago. I had been in a lot of pain and the doctor who led the assessment told me to go home as he could see my discomfort and that we were not to worry, he would take care of it!

The letter said I failed to get any points as the doctor had marked N/A to all the questions!

On another assessment I again failed to get enough points and the letter made no sense, these were not the replies we gave and it did not show that I had a disability.

In fact it has been leaked that on many occasions the people working for the assessments company had refused people entitlement despite the form in front of them saying otherwise and this was down to being told to fail X% of claims!

We are allowed to record these assessments but of course they were never going to make it easy for us, in fact it seems like they made it so we wouldn’t be able to because of the cost of the equipment they insist we provide!

Yes it is down to us to provide it!

In fact it is likely that very few people would be able to afford the equipment required and of course they won’t allow us to use something as simple and to hand such as a smart phone or laptop. They say this is to stop recordings being edited but it would be very simple to forward the recording at the end to an email address with a code to link it to us.

But DPAC Sheffield have stepped in and are building recording kits that will be loaned out for free and hope to have many kits around the country.

Dan Carden MP

Now one MP a Labour MP a Mr Dan Carden has stepped up and has purchased the equipment needed to loan to his constituents and I have no data but I can guarantee that not many other MP’s have done this and yet they are there to serve us and look after us and after all do get a nice wage for doing so.

Now this act of kindness that Dan Carden has carried out speaks volumes, I do not know this man, I do not know what his work as an MP is like and yet I can have a good guess just by going on this one act of generosity.

James Duddridge MP

I am going to contact my MP a Mr James Duddridge who is a Conservative MP and ask him if he is willing to do the same and will update this post when I get a reply!

I urge you to contact your local MP and ask them as well.

You can find your local MP here

We need more MP’s like Dan Carden!

Remember you can look up your local MP and see what they have voted for and against, I have for our MP and I know Mr Duddridge voted to force through ESA disability benefit cuts!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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