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Doctor Doctor, I have a pain!

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Doctor Doctor, I have a pain!

This would get a blank response because of course I have a pain, I am in constant pain and so it’s very difficult to get a response from my GP (family doctor).

My hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet are painful, but I know that pain and so when a different pain happens and continues to be a problem, I have a problem. Doctors seem to think that everything is just related to the CRPS and so they don’t seem keen to explore anything new.

This also goes for chest pains, in 1996 I was taken into A&E (ER) with chest pains and was told that I had pericarditis, I was then admitted to cardiac care and then transferred to the London Chest Hospital Cardiac Intensive Care unit. Up until this point I was physically and previous ECG’s I had when I worked for the MoD were all okay. Since then I get a Negative or Inverted T wave when I have a flare up, this gives me chest pains and I have been told its normal for me.

I generally just ignore it and take extra pain killers, but the standing joke in the house is that my gravestone will read ‘It’s okay, it’s just a flare up’.

This must apply to anyone who has chronic health issues or an illness?

When do we decide to not just keep going, when do we say actually maybe I should get this checked out and how do we get the doctor to actually investigate and not just chalk it up as a symptom of what is already going on?

Also how do we stop the doctors and consultants writing us off?

The Pain Management Team wanted to discharge me as they couldn’t do any more to help!

I am a wheelchair user, I agree that nothing is helping but surely I still deserve to be treated?

My muscles are wasting, I am getting extra problems because of this and because I am so active because of pain and severe fatigue but I am not getting any help at all from the hospital. I don’t have a care plan, physio actually gave up trying to help and yet I was asking for help and working to help myself.

Is this because of finances or is there a lack of care and support in the NHS?

I also think that I get no support because I don’t have an actual condition or disability. I don’t have MS, Cancer, a Spinal Cord Injury etc, now I don’t mean that to sound bad, but certain conditions and disabilities have teams that treat and look after people with those problems. If you are undiagnosed, just in pain, then you don’t fall under the care of anyone and you are just sent home with a repeat prescription and expected to cope!

Anyway, this has been a bit of a typical moan from me, I am fed up with being just left to cope. I am slowly getting worse, last year I left the house between ten and fifteen times, the NHS seems unwilling to do anything to help and I am not sure how I get the help. If I go to the doctor and moan, it looks like I am a hypochondriac who just wants attention, but what I want is some help in trying to stop my health declining so fast.

When it became clear that my knee was screwed, well obvious to me. I asked for the amputation, I said to the doctor that I am physically fit but if I was just left, my health would decline. I knew that despite it being damn hard and a lot of work, I would be walking using a prosthetic limb. At that time I was still using crutches to get about, but the reply was “As a doctor, I took an oath to cause no harm”, it’s now nine years later and I am housebound and a shower exhausts me. HARM DONE!

Anyway, enough of me moaning. It’s 11am and I am still in bed, I have to get dressed and get to the settee where I will stay until bedtime!

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