Lazy, scrounger, benefit scum are just a few terms used to describe those of us who are left with no option but to rely on welfare, but Disabled people are not the problem!

It is difficult enough having to cope with chronic illness and or disability, the stigma associated with having to rely on welfare is often as bad. People look down on you and resent their taxes going towards keeping us.

However the true issue is the large corporations and those who are in the fortunate position of being very wealthy avoiding paying taxes. The Paradise Papers as they are called, that have recently been revealed, show that these companies and individuals deny our country the taxes owed and this money far exceeds the welfare payments to people with chronic health and or a disability.

  • Apple is using the Island of Jersey to keep its tax bill low
  • The Queen has invested £10m offshore some of which is in BrightHouse which has been accused of irresponsible lending.
  • Three actors from Mrs Brown’s Boys put £2m in an offshore tax avoidance scheme
  • The Isle of Man has a law that helps Tax evaders
  • Lewis Hamilton avoided paying tax on a £16.5m luxury jet
  • U2 star Bono part owns a Lithuanian shopping Mall is under investigation for tax evasion

This is only part of this ever revealing data, in total the documents add up to 1.4TB in size.

So how can it be fair when the Conservative Government attacks disability benefits and uses fraud rates as an excuse? The fraud rate for DLA was something like 0.7% and yet when they couldn’t change the benefit they scrapped it for PiP claiming it was more fit for purpose.

Thousands of disabled people have lost their benefits and many have now lost their motability vehicle because of that. This means that many disabled people who were managing to be independent are now, well up shit creek without a paddle! It has also now been revealed that many are not getting the level of PiP that they are entitled to, this is because the assessments are not fit for purpose!

Of course the government has gotten away with doing this because the media has painted disabled people as scroungers, lazy people who are quite happy to sit at home and do nothing!

The truth is that the majority of us would love nothing more than to go to work, to earn our own money, to have some pride and also to be around colleagues and have some interaction.

So when I hear that people who already have way more money than they will ever need, are avoiding paying taxes to hoard even more money than they need, it makes me fucking furious. I am sorry for the language, but we have to decide whether or not we can afford to put the heating on.

Lewis Hamilton Bombardier Challenger

So please, before you point the finger at people who are unfortunate enough to either be physically or mentally unwell and unable to work, have a think about the £3.3m that Lewis manages to claw back  because his £16.5m Bombardier Challenger 605 was imported into the Isle of Man instead of mainland UK.

The Guardian says as many as 3,600 people work in the DWP investigating abuses of the benefit system, while 700 work in the two units at HMRC that deal with the richest taxpayers.

But still it gets worse and in 2019 the Tories win and the hurt will continue!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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