My wife has always wanted us to go on an overnight spa break, I have looked around at the various Spa hotels and the treatments they offer but I am hesitant!

It’s good to see that many of the hotels have accessible rooms and some even have a hoist for the pool but a couple of things are stopping me from booking, the big one for me is obviously my disability and I know this problem is my confidence. My interpretation of a spa is good looking people with perfect bodies sat around in their dressing gowns, the massage is given by a more perfect masseuse and I worry that I don’t fit in with the Spa picture.

I know this may sound silly to some but I bet I have a few of you agreeing, how can I possibly lay on a massage table with a towel hiding my not to be seen bits with my scarred and wasted legs and that is all topped off with a torso that is adorned with a layer of fat? How will I feel laying there and what will the person massaging me think? Now I know the answer is that the staff are professional and treat everyone with respect, but no matter how professional they are, they are human and they will obviously judge.

Then of course there are the guests who are your typical vision of what a spa guest is and I will worry about what they think about me, once again this is my problem with confidence. Its over twenty five years now but it still feels like yesterday when I was a firefighter, I could slip on a pair of trainers and run ten miles, I could tackle a weights session followed by aerobics and I was confident with who I was. I know that is superficial but we all have that desire built into us, we want to look good and we want to be seen as looking good and I struggle with my legs now being scarred and the muscles wasted and I struggle with how I’m perceived.

Then course there is the medical side to be considered,

Will a massage cause a pain flare up?
What type of massage should I choose?
Can I use a sauna/steam room?
Are Spa baths okay for my condition?
Are the lotions and potions okay for me?
Are staff trained to deal with a variety of disabilities and medical conditions?

I have done the obvious Google search for spa breaks and disability and the pages are filled with Spa hotels who have accessible rooms and that’s amazing but there are so many more considerations.

I can at a push (no pun intended) go on a Spa break because it’s something I want to do for my wife but there are still questions on treatments?

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

5 thought on “Disability and Spa breaks”
  1. Were you reading my mind when you wrote this. I too was looking at a spa break for me and the hubby last night. Considering it for our 19th anniversary in October. There’s a lot to consider I think when you have a disability. I am thinking for me I should just go for it. Can’t be any harder than racing a tall ship. That trip has opened my eyes to what I can achieve. I think it would be a good experience and I totally understand your concerns about going on a spa break.

    1. Hiya, firstly…. Wow you did it, I’m so happy for you 🙂
      Yes a spa is very appealing but worrying, but maybe I just need to go for it. Its my wife’s birthday in September and I need to do this for her. Let me know how you get on if you do go.

  2. It’s a really complicated situation indeed. Even though having stayed at dozens hotels over the world, I did never see Spa offers for disabled people. That’s really sad. I hope you’ll find anything nevertheless!

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