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Did you hear that bang?

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Like most people I have always wondered what would happen if someone broke into our property, I have never been worried because I have always believed that I could take on an intruder. I stand (or at least I used to) 6′ 4″ tall, have shaven hair, a grade one and a goatee beard. My hair is kept like this as I get a very dry scalp and when my hair gets longer it gets bad and I have a short goatee because my wife won’t let me grow a long one!
However even when I lost my mobility, using a wheelchair didn’t stop me feeling like I could tackle an intruder, even my family still believed that should it happen, I would take care of it.
Did you hear that bang?

However my health has taken a tumble, my pain levels are very high and nothing is helping, I used to be able to keep my pain levels down to a 5 and using oramorph when they do get high. My way of thinking has also changed over the past few months, I’m not as confident now and a burglary or the thought of a burglary has me worried. We live in a bungalow and our bedrooms are at the front and so I hear car doors being opened and closed and I lay there waiting to see if there are any other noises, luckily it is a quiet road and so its rare to hear people walking past but I still lay there listening out.

I have a wife, two daughters of 22 and 20 and a grandson of 4 months, its my job to protect my family and now my concern is that I can’t do that. I realise that we might never be put in that situation but I can’t seem to shake this worry.

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