I have tested quite a few Moustache waxes and I have liked them, but I hadn’t tested a really firm wax, something that would keep my tash in place and keep it there and then I tried Debonair For Men Ultra – Strong Moustache Wax.

Growing a beard is fairly easy, stop shaving and you’re done, however the thing that has been hard for me is my moustache. I’m happy with my beard but I want a really big tash and so I haven’t trimmed it and so that means eating it along with any food and it has been driving me mad but I have persevered.

Debonair For Men Ultra – Strong Moustache Wax is literally that, I’m afraid I have very little information though. The Jar and also the website doesn’t say about size of contents or ingredients used which is quite unusual.

Debonair For Men Ultra - Strong Moustache Wax

The Ultra – Strong Moustache Wax comes in a glass jar which adds to the weight but if I have to guess, well I would say it’s about 20 -25ml of wax, but that is a guess.

The wax is certainly Ultra Strong, I used the end of my metal comb to prise some out and then worked it between my thumb and forefinger. It’s never going to get soft soft but the key here is to have dry hands and a dry moustache, then with the wax adhered to thumbs and forefingers, gently work them over your tash, don’t go too firm or you will get lumps sticking in your tash, just carefully rub and the wax will start to stick and when you have enough on your tash, scrape the excess back into the jar.

Debonair For Men Ultra – Strong Moustache Wax which is made in the UK is the sort of wax that would enable you to create a decent handlebar tash. It has a very gentle pleasant scent and left my moustache held firmly in place and not sticky like you get with some waxes.

Debonair For Men Ultra - Strong Moustache Wax

The wax is contained in a glass jar with a screw lid and it costs £12.49 from the Debonair for Men website, I really like this wax and wanted to give it a Gold Cup, but the fact that they have not included a contents size or any ingredients used even on the website made me change my mind. Yes I could email and ask but I review as a customer and I just feel that by not including these details, they have slipped up.

However that doesn’t change the fact that this is a really good wax that will give you the ability to control your moustache. I will however contact Debonair for Men and enquire about ingredients, after all it is nice to know what we are putting on our face fuzz.

So I emailed Debonair for Men about the ingredients not being available on the product and on the website. Shaun emailed back quickly and explained that what normally happens is that a card listing the ingredients and instructions is sent along with the wax, however a mistake was made and my parcel didn’t include it.

Debonair For Men Ultra - Strong Moustache Wax card

So above is a photo of that card, regulations mean that ingredients have to be listed using their Latin names, which can be confusing.

So the wax contains

Cera Alba – Bees Wax

Petrolatum – Petroleum Jelly

Microcrystalline Wax – Wax produced by de-oiling Petroleum

Parfum  contains Benzyl Salicyclate – a clear colourless liquid with a sweet floral aroma

Citral – A Citrus scent

Coumarin – A fragrant organic compound found in plants

Geraniol – Natural occurring used for scent

Linalool – Natural occurring used for scent

Alpha isomethylionone – Used for fragrance, synthetic and a potential skin sensitiser and allergen

dl-Citronellol – occurs naturally

p-tert-butyl-alpha-methyl hydrocinnamic aldehyd –  A chemical compound that is used in perfumes and laundry detergent and can sometimes act as an allergen and may cause contact dermatitis in susceptible individuals according to Wikipedia

I have to admit that I prefer natural beard care products, you can still obviously suffer from allergies to natural ingredients, however I would still favour a product that was 100% natural over a product that contained ingredients with names like p-tert-butyl-alpha-methyl hydrocinnamic aldehyd.

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