One topic that is often debated between bearded men is what comb or brush to use, I have a Boars Bristle Brush and a wooden comb that I have had for about a year. However I have received a Debonair for Men Handcrafted Sandalwood Comb and that has now replaced my wooden comb.

Golden Beard Award
Golden Beard Award

There was nothing wrong with my old comb, it had served me well but the Debonair for Men Handcrafted Sandalwood Comb feels so nice to use. First it is very tactile and just fits in my hand nicely, then it actually does a better job at combing my beard which is now longer!

I have an unruly beard, it is wiry and drives me mad, combing it normally results in a few lost hairs and this is partly down to the hard water we get through our taps, hard water actually turns the smooth hair shafts into scaly looking hair when viewed under a microscope and the scales cause the hair to then tangle.

Having a decent comb helps, this one has wider teeth and I suspect that the teeth are actually smoother than my old comb and so the process is a lot less painful and I am not losing as many hairs. The teeth are longer and so the comb is able to glide through my beard which is now getting quite thick.

However what I really like is the look of this comb, it comes housed in a box which is a really nice touch and it is has the Debonair for Men logo on it. Sandalwood is a fine-grained wood and gives this comb a very nice smooth and upmarket look.

Priced at £9.99 from the Debonair for Men website this comb is the perfect gift for a bearded loved one or friend or even as a treat for yourself.

Debonair for Men Logo

Debonair for Men About Us

I remember when I was young and my father would take me to my local barbers. Being born and raised in Derby, there was one barber that all of us local boys went to. I guess you could say it was a bonding experience for me and my father. It was a time where it would be just me and him and we could talk about anything and everything.

I remember seeing my dad shave for the first time. I laughed at the white foam he had covering his face. The more I saw him shave, the more I wanted to try it. At one point I even shaved my hairless face to try and take part and feel involved.

As I went through school and college, my look evolved and became a lot edgier. I guess you could say I’ve had every haircut and hairstyle in Britain. I always loved switching my look up and my hair was the key to this.

When I went onto university, I decided it was time for me to start growing a beard. It required patience (something I didn’t have much of at the time), but I stuck to my guns and grew my beard out. Now I refuse to even trim it too heavily.

I remember growing up and observing the difference between the boys who took care of their appearance, and were well groomed, and the boys who simply didn’t. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised that no matter how young or old a man is, if he looks good on the outside, he feels good on the inside.

This is where Debonair For Men originated. I wanted to make men feel good about themselves and give them the confidence to take over the world. Debonair For Men exudes confidence – something that we hope to pass onto every gentleman who uses our products. We have a range of high quality, top end hair styling products that provide unmatched hold, malleability and give a strong matte finish.

I also remember that to achieve the look I wanted at any current time, I must have gone through hundreds of brands and products to find something that was anywhere close to what I wanted.  I can now say that I have found exactly what the Male Grooming Market needs and Debonair For Men is the brand that you can trust.

We have an emphasis on sourcing quality ingredients and have an innovative approach to formulation. Debonair For Men prides itself on being a British brand, British created and British Only product. I’m proud of my roots; they’ve made me the man I am today. Therefore, when purchasing from Debonair For Men, you can be sure that the products you receive will be right for you.

Debonair For Men – taking male grooming to a whole new level.



By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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