I wanted to write a post about D Ribose for ME and I don’t mean that is in me as a person but ME as in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

In 1996 my life changed, the long story short is chest pains, hospital, cardiac care, transferred to London Chest Intensive cardiac care, back to Southend Cardiac care … “Get out of my hospital bed, your problem is above the neck, not below it!”

And no, that is not a joke!

Anyway, it turns out it was ME or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and I have had periods of being very, very unwell and periods where it could be managed.

ME in very basic terms is like our internal rechargeable battery, despite us trying to recharge it all the time, it just doesn’t hold a charge and so people with ME are very much like an old phone where the battery gives in very quickly.

This not only leads to severe physical fatigue but also mental fatigue and it can mean, in worst case scenarios, laying in a dark room because any input including light is unbearable.

Part of the solution of being able to control it, was D- Ribose.

What is D-Ribose?

D-Ribose is usually found in shops with the body building supplements and when it was first recommended that I take it, I thought it was just another supplement recommendation that would mean spending money and getting no improvement in my health.

It is something athletes will take as it improves endurance and energy, it makes for a quicker recovery after exercise and it reduces muscle fatigue.

It is a form of sugar, or carbohydrate, that our bodies naturally make and it is an essential component of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and this is the energy source for our cells.

How does it help people with ME?

Fatigue is a major issue for people with ME, we spend our days, weeks, months and years constantly calculating the risks of tasks that use energy. From housework and gardening to socialising and even watching TV or screen time online to things as simple as having a shower or having sex.

We have to think about the impact of everything on our health.

So that means resting up days before a medical appointment or visiting family and suffering a flare up with severe physical and mental fatigue after doing things that we previously never even thought about.

It helps because it does supply much needed energy to our cells, it helps by speeding up the recovery after activities and helps us with both physical and mental energy and recovery.

It is a boost to our faulty rechargeable battery!

I regularly took D-Ribose for many years, I was still unwell and would suffer flare-ups but I could do things like gardening and yes that still caused a flare up, but at least I could do it.

Last year the price of D-Ribose started to increase and it was a big increase.

It was already something we couldn’t really afford, but it was important, and so we went without other things so I could have it.

We would pay just over £30 for 1 kg of the powder on Amazon from Bulk Powders and the price is now £59.99 and so we had to make the decision to stop buying it and this year I have noticed that my energy levels are poor and I have not been able to do much gardening and I have only been out of the house twice where it wasn’t a medical appointment.

Why the prices have gone through the roof and this will make it harder for people like me to be able to afford a supplement that really helps!


We had a chat this morning and both agree that since I stopped taking D-Ribose, that my energy levels have been very bad and I have effectively been laid up for most of this year and so we have no choice but to buy it.

It does mean that we will have to cut costs elsewhere and whilst it is possible it means we will be hit hard. Things like wrapping up in blankets rather than putting on the heating in late Autumn and Winter, and making cuts in the shopping.

So for anyone who is wondering if D-Ribose really works, the answer is yes it does and so if you can afford to purchase it, do it!

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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