A couple of months ago, I posted a tweet saying that I was looking for Comfortable boxer shorts for wheelchair users, as this was an area where I was struggling!

There are a few things that are not explained to you when you start using a wheelchair, and one of those is how regular clothing will not sit right, as clothes are designed and made to be worn stood up.

It isn’t so much of a problem when you sit and stand, sit and stand, but when you spend your life sat down, it means trying to find clothing that is designed and made for being sat down, and it is not an easy task as there are very few companies that make them and the ones that do are expensive!

So I wanted to see if there were boxer shorts on the market that would be more comfortable than your regular high street offerings, and I was in for a surprise because once you start looking, there are a lot of companies that specialise in underwear.

Screenshot of a tweet saying. I'm on the hunt for the most comfortable boxers! My experience as a wheelchair user, it's hard to find comfortable boxers. I've emailed some brands, let's see if they are up for the challenge?

So I emailed some brands and put a tweet out and three companies rose to the challenge and sent me out some of their boxer shorts and the style I was looking for and was sent was the stretch trunk style boxers!

The brands that sent boxers to me were;

I think what surprised me was how very different the boxer shorts were, I knew there would likely be a difference in quality, but each brand’s products were very different from each other.

British Boxers

The British Boxers stretch trunk boxers are made from 95% bamboo fabric & 5% elastane and are priced at £19.50 a pair or 4 pairs for £38 and come in Rio Red, Coal Black, Purple Rocks, Jewels (cyan), Racing Green & Navy Blue.

They also sell a pack of 4 boxers that are made from 95% premium 180gsm bamboo fabric and 5% elastane in black also costing £38 for the 4 pairs.

I received their lucky dip pack of 4 pairs of stretch boxers, where you get sent random colours.

Just Wears

The Just Wears boxers are made from soft cellulosic fibre, MicroModal Air which is an all natural product made from, well, trees!

Image showing the material used in Just Wears products are made from trees, or as the image shows, trees to wood, to pulp, to fibre, to thread and then fabric!

They are priced at 2 pairs for £19.37, 3 pairs for £16.65, 6 pairs £14.15 & 9 pairs £12.48 and available in Black, Red, Green, Blue, Navy Blue & Grey.

But you also have the choice between two styles, Active and Pro!

The active trunks have a pouch or, as Just Wears describes it, a ‘Palace for your Phallus’. no, I am serious, it has a pouch to put your junk in.

My Odd Balls

My Odd Balls stretch boxers are made from 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane and cost from £12 a pair, 3 pairs for £30 or 7 pairs for £54.

Now if this was a competition for the range of colours and patterns, My Odd Balls would win hands down (your pants) as they have a massive range of plain colours, wild patterns and even with the logos of your favourite football or ruby team!

You seriously have to go and visit their website just to check out the patterns available, if you like your underwear to be a statement, look no further!

The label has washing instructions, fabric content and also says Wash Em when they smell!
They also have the best labels!

The verdict

Now please remember that I am judging these as a seated user, this is how they feel and fit with me sat in a wheelchair and that the result would likely be different if I was wearing them standing!

I found the British Boxers to be the most comfortable, the fabric is soft, the boxers sit right and do not twist and the waistband is comfortable and whilst they are not higher at the rear as ‘designed for’ boxers would be, they kept my rear covered and did so even when transferring to and from the wheelchair.

The Just Wears had a very comfortable material, in fact they were the most comfortable material but the waistband is so firm that as a seated user it was uncomfortable for me and that could also be down to the fact that I have the shape of a cake and biscuit eater and so the waist band sits under my belly.

I am not ashamed, it took a lot of work and time to get to this level of comfort!

The pouch on the active boxers, now what this pouch did was prove to me that there are men out there with trunks in their underwear, and I am not built that way. However, if I used it to store not only the meat but also the two veg, it did stop the problem that us older men have and that is saggy balls being sat on when transferring to and from the wheelchair. (maybe I am being too honest here?)

My Odd https://www.myoddballs.com/Balls as I said have to win if judged on the wide range of colours and whacky patterns, I love the ones I received, and my wife calls them my Austin Powers boxers.

I love the colours and patterns!

However, the fabric is the thickest of the brands I tried and very elastic feeling and I found them to be too thick and slightly uncomfortable if worn for longer periods and I certainly don’t keep them on in bed for that reason.

So for me my personal choice would be British Boxers and me and Mik Scarlet discussed underwear on an episode of DHTV, and he also agreed that British Boxers are his go-to brand!

Please head over and check out these wonderful brands, the difference between these and the cheap high street offerings is amazing, and I highly recommend checking them out.

There will be a video to accompany this post soon, I am just really struggling with my health lately, and so I have not had the mental energy to get it done yet.!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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