About 7 months ago I reviewed the Trabasack Mini Connect and since then I have used it everyday. It’s a nice compact size and houses my Sony Xperia tablet when not in use to keep it safe.

I struggle having anything on my legs as it causes extra pain, but the Mini Connect has a soft back with a small bean bag insert and it sits on my lap without causing a problem. It’s also perfect because when I am sat in my wheelchair, I know that my tablet won’t slip off thanks to the velcro on the back attaching it to the mini connects surface. I also make sure to keep any important letters inside so that I know where they are!

When we go to bed I use the Trabasack Mini Connect to collect everything I need to take to the bedroom, my tablet goes inside and I hook the arm of my glasses through one of the D Rings. The rolled up lead from the tablet charger goes through another D ring, then I put my now empty meds sorter on top with a bottle of Oramorph.

A few nights ago I stacked everything ready for bed and then went into the bathroom, when I returned to pick up the Mini Connect I noticed it was wet, but in fact it was sticky. I had failed to properly screw the lid on the Oramorph and the contents had spilt onto the Trabasack and over the arm of our settee, my first thought was the tablet sat inside but luckily it was perfectly dry inside the zipped compartment.

I took all the items through to the bedroom and left the Mini Connect until the next day, I was too tired to be bothered with sorting it out that night. I was relieved the next morning to find a label inside the Mini Connect with washing instructions, I removed the bean bag from inside the zipped compartment  and so placed it inside a pillow case to protect the D Rings and put it in the washing machine on a daily wash at 30°c. Luckily somehow we had a sunny day and my wife placed the Mini Connect on the line, however it came out of the machine almost dry anyway.

An hour in the washing machine and half hour on the line and I had the Mini Connect back on my lap and looking like new. I am so grateful that it’s machine washable because that syrup like Oramorph mixture would have been difficult to get out with just a surface wipe. I always think a well designed product isn’t just about its daily use, there is also the up keep to think about. My wheelchair cushion cover for example is a drip dry only and that makes things very difficult and so a big thumbs up to the designers of the Trabasack Mini Connect.

You can purchase a Trabasack here


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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