Last night I started getting chest pains, now I know the instant answer is to get it checked out but it’s not that straight forward, its a Chest pain dilemma!

Chest pain dilemma

Chest pains aren’t unfortunately something new, I haven’t had them for a few months now but it’s something that I have experienced far too many times. I know that if I go to get checked I’m staying in because I get an inverted T wave on my ECG’s and the Doctors inform me that it’s something that naturally happens to me. I know that this isn’t the case though as many years ago I was involved in a job for the MoD that meant we had to have a whole list of tests and they had to all come back okay, one of those was an ECG and if I had an inverted T wave, I wouldn’t have been allowed to do what I did.

It’s only after having chest pains in 1996 and being told I had pericarditis that I get these inverted T waves and the chest pains, however even though an inverted T wave is normally an indicator of problems, with me it isn’t or it hasn’t been so far.

The problem is that I tend to ignore chest pains and my family joke that my headstone will say “I was wrong”, but I can’t get checked out everytime this happens, first it’s a pain because it’s a lot of tests and having to stay in hospital and also I feel like I’m wasting their Time!

At the moment their quite bad and if it gets any worse I will have to admit that it needs checking out, admittedly I get seen very quickly because hospitals don’t mess about when it comes to chest pain but after that the tests take time. It’s something to do with looking out for cardiac enzymes and you need two tests a certain amount of hours apart. The plus side is that even though they don’t help people that seek help for just being in pain, if you get seen for chest pain they are very free with the diamorphine and on the few occasions I have been seen for chest pains, it’s been so amazing to also be rid of the pain that I have in my legs 24/7.

So at the moment it’s do I or don’t I go and get checked out?

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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