Swagger & Jacks premium beardcare gift box set

Review: Swagger & Jacks Premium Beardcare Set

When I saw the Swagger & Jacks Premium Beardcare Set, I was so impressed with the packaging and the branding. Housed in a card box with a black base and grey lid and finished with the Swagger and Jacks logo and kit name in silver. The Swagger & Jacks Premium Beardcare Set contains (click links for individual […]

Superfurry 'Cypress Hill' Mood Spray

Review: Superfurry ‘Cypress Hill’ Mood Spray

When I received the package of beard care products from Superfurry, there was also a bottle of Superfurry ‘Cypress Hill’ Mood Spray. To be honest, I was confused…”what the fuck is this?” Luckily I didn’t attempt to try it on my beard, because it is a room spray. So excuse the details, but I went to […]

Review: Ionic Filter Spa Shower Head

Almost a year ago I wrote about how hard water can affect your beard, basically the hard water causes the scale like structure (as below) to stand out and so your beard tangles more. Also the soaps and shampoo’s dont lather as much in hard water. The Essex tap water is harder than Conor McGregor, […]

Mo Bro's Personalised Signature Beard Grooming Gift Box

Review: Mo Bro’s Personalised Signature Beard Grooming Gift Box

Kev from Mo Bro’s contacted me and asked if i would like to test their Beard Butter, of course I said yes but I was very surprised when the package arrived and I also had a Mo Bro’s Personalised Signature Beard Grooming Gift Box! Inside this personalised box are the following Vanilla & Mango scented products, […]

Men's Society 'Beard Washing Kit'

Review: Men’s Society ‘Beard Washing Kit’

I have been testing the Men’s Society ‘Beard Washing Kit’ over the past few days and it is one of a number of kits contained in a tin for various occasions and tasks. Upon opening the tin you are greeted with a card wrap saying “Hello handsome” and it has been many years since I […]

Modern Day Man Ltd Shavette

Review: Modern Day Man Ltd Shavette

I have the problem of my beard trying to join up with my eyebrows, yes cheeks that wouldn’t look out of place on a Planet of the Apes extra. I have kept my disposable razor and occasionally I tackle the upward growth but often its just left! I have always fancied using a straight edge […]