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So you have finally put the razor down and started to grow a beard, finally you have left the smooth chin to do what it is meant to, it’s meant to grow a beard! Maybe you want a small beard or something like the amazing beard that Kris Paver in the featured image has!

It’s easy, just stop shaving, you are convinced you will save a lot of time because you don’t have to stand in front of the mirror every morning with a razor in your hand. Of course you don’t actually save anytime because before long you realise that this growth on your chin needs caring for.

There are a few problems that normally arise, the first is it starts to itch and drive you crazy. We have all been there and quite a few have shaved because of the itch, but there is a solution and that is beard oil. Don’t think that beard oil is only used when you have some decent growth but that is not the case, using beard oil early on helps to prevent the itch and also promotes strong beard growth. It also helps to keep your skin in good condition, you need to choose a 100% natural oil, small batch made that contains carrier oils chosen for their benefits to your skin and beard and there are plenty out there. Be careful of the oils you find on the high street, always look at the ingredients and if the label looks like your old high school chemistry assignment put it down. Also please don’t choose an oil that contains paraffin oil, it feels awful and it is greasy, it is not chosen for its benefits, it’s used because its cheap!

Of course you will also want to keep your beard clean, you quickly learn that eating and drinking involves sharing it with your beard. You need a beard specific product, a beard soap, shampoo or wash as it doesn’t strip the beard of the oils, you have after all been using a beard oil to help and so you don’t want to ruin that by using a shower gel or a hair shampoo. Also a beard doesn’t need washing every day, well that is unless your work means it’s getting very dirty. Wash your beard a couple of times a week with a beard specific product, in between that just rinse with fresh water morning and night and after that egg sandwich!

Debonair for Men Handcrafted Sandalwood Comb

Of course it’s very important to keep the beard looking good, for that you need a comb and or a brush, I use a wooden comb for my beard and a metal comb for my tash. I also have a Boars hair brush that is a great tool to have, it helps to stimulate the skin, stop dry skin and also it leaves your beard feeling so damn soft. I generally brush in the morning after rinsing my beard and then apply an oil or balm and then use the wooden comb to finish off.

By now you are wondering if it’s worth all this hassle, in short the answer is yes!

However we are not finished, as your beard gets longer you then can start using a beard balm or butter, it gives the beard some hold but it also protects and nourishes the beard hair. This is ideal in the cold to protect your beard hair but also on holiday in the heat and when you are in and out of the sea or swimming pool, it will stop your beard becoming dried out. It is also a good idea if you do work somewhere that means you get dirty, a mechanic, engineer or whatever, you have probably used a barrier cream or used gloves to keep your hands clean, well balm will act like a barrier to help stop the dirt getting right into your beard hair.

I have often seen my wife looking at me grooming my beard, she has even mentioned that sometimes I have taken longer to get ready than she has!

Well were not done yet! As your moustache or mustache, whatever way you spell it, as it gets longer you will notice that is always getting in your mouth when you are eating. Also its harder to keep it looking good, well that is where moustache wax comes into play, yep another product for us vain bearded men. You want to start coming your tash out to the sides as soon as it gets some length and then you can start using a wax. It contains beeswax to keep your moustache in place or it can contain Carnauba wax for a vegan friendly product and yes there are vegan friendly beard care products. Honest Amish in America and Manmane in the UK sell vegan friendly products.

Last of all is when you want to or need to trim your beard, this is where so many beard are ruined. yes you can trim yourself but it normally results in whoops too much that side, even it out, whoops and so on. Then there is the barber, you would think this was a safe option but it’s not, so many guys have gone to a barber who has then totally screwed up and they have left angry and upset. So I set up a Trusted Beard Barbers map, where guys have recommended a barber they have been to and trust. if you can recommended a barber who knows how to handle a big beard for a shape or trim then message me and I will add them. You have to have used them, don’t be contacting me to recommend yourself, that’s not the idea!

So now you know, beards do take some looking after if you want it to look good. I am sorry but all this work won’t stop family and friends saying you look homeless, like a terrorist, dirty, but ignore them. You don’t have to worry because as a bearded man you are now among friends, bearded men who join together and talk not only about their beards but everything else. There are many groups on Facebook for bearded guys and I have people who I consider friends after getting to know them on there, I have to mention Guardians of the Beard first, I set it up in April 2016 and now ten months later we have over 1,000 members. Another group that has over 5,000 members and is very good is Beard Club and they are a good bunch of guys and it is run very well with beard care giveaways for you to enter.


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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