I have been using the Car Mount and stand for Nintendo Switch from Shop Happily that is in my opinion an essential 3rd party add on for the Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch is a very versatlie bit of kit that can be played plugged into the TV, handheld or placed on it’s stand with the JoyCons removed.

But it’s downfall is the flimsy kickstand that is liable to get broken with younger children and that won’t stand the console up on anything but a smooth surface.

The Car Mount and stand for Nintendo Switch from Shop Happily is under a tenner and yet it looks and behaves like something costing a lot more and let’s face it, if it was an official Nintendo stand, it would be!

The two pieces measure 50mm x 210mm each and inside they are embossed with eaith an L or an R so you know which side to place them.

Although it is easy to see which side as the ABS plastic is hollow on the rear.

For a product that is priced as it is, they feel good and they slide on and off of the Switch easily and the release button has a nice feel to it.

No worries here about damaging the slide rails on the side of your beloved Nintendo Switch!

It works in two ways

The hooked ends of this are designed to hook around the rods on a vehicles headrest, this then enables you to hang your Switch on the rear of the seat and keep the kids entertained on a journey.

Although this would be a definite “NO” for our grandson as gaming whilst the car is moving would result in him being sick.

It also enables you to stand your Switch up and is way more stable than the small kickstand on the rear of the Switch and it also allows you to stand your switch up on your lap or on the bed (you get the idea)

This product is from shophappily.com and they sell a range of gaming gear and parts for the popular consules.

Or click the link below to purchase the item from Amazon which is available with free one day delivery for Prime members.

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