Today, the Daily Mirror reported on the Tory DWP Chief’s speech at the Tory Conference. It is the latest in a long list of government announcements that makes people like me feel shit!

So this is what Therese Coffey has said!

The Tory welfare chief is drawing up plans to encourage more people who “think they cannot work” to find a job.

Therese Coffey told Conservative Party Conference delegates she wants to “flip” the benefit’s system to stop it “encouraging people to show how they really cannot do any work at all”.

Instead, she wants to focus on “what people can do, rather than the benefit system being driven currently by what you cannot do”.

So why does this make my blood boil?

It is probably not so much that she has said this, but rather because we have heard similar things time and time again from the government and , well everyone.

We can all tolerate criticism or the governmental attacks on the fact that we are reliant on welfare but when it is something we hear again and again from not only the government but the media, strangers, friends and even some family members, the poked wound becomes very sore!

Also, many of us have to deal with assessments for ESA and or DLA/PIP where we are forced to prove we are actually incapable of work and we have to do that whilst being asked a big list of questions that often do not cover or reflect what we can or can’t do.

Can you lift a carton of milk?”

For me the issue is not that I can’t do a certain task, it is the fact that I can’t repeat the tasks.

What do I mean by that?

My health is not at a constant level!

And this is the case for many of us, we have different health conditions or mixtures of health conditions as many of us have several things going on!

I can have days when my pain is quite bearable and I have some energy (oh the luxury) and so I am able to do a bit of gardening or film a batch of reviews and get them edited and also written up for the website.

The problem is that doing these things will mean that the next day or the day after that, my pain levels are not manageable or bareable and physical and mental fatigue hits me hard and that isn’t a ‘I have been to the gym’ or ‘I have worked hard today’ fatigue, this is fatigue like when you have the flu or you are recovering from a major surgery level of fatigue!

So yes I might on a good day be able to manage a few hours working.

But I can’t tell you when that will be, and I then won’t be able to tell you when I am well enough to repeat it.

Not very employable!

So when I read ‘The Tory welfare chief is drawing up plans to encourage more people who “think they cannot work” to find a job’, it feels like a personal attack and I damn well know that people reading that will start the old yea, about time they got off their arse! that we hear so often because their taxes are spent to keep us!’

Theresa Coffey has also said that the numbers of people claiming is too high!

Like it is a number that can be controlled. The number of people who can’t work due to poor health and or disability is exactly the number of people who can’t work due to poor health and or disability!

Yes there may be some who could be helped into work and I expect that there is a percentage who are falsely claiming, I just hope that this doesn’t lead to the government sinking the ship to stop a leak!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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