So news broke that Theresa May has announced plans to call a snap general election on 8 June, but Can the Conservatives be stopped at this General Election?

Now normally I would normally cheer and look forward to people using their votes to out this vile government, however this is very cleaver and very tactical. At the moment there is no other party that could stand a chance in stealing the top slot and No 10.

As a disabled person I am only too aware of  their vile campaign against the disabled and the welfare system that was put in place to support them. Disability Living Allowance was a target and they couldn’t make the changes and so they scrapped it, this was done behind smiles claiming that the new Personal Independence Payment or PiP for short was better suited and would serve disabled people better. Thousands of disabled people have failed to get the new PiP and as a result have lost their Motability vehicles.

So obviously I along with countless others would like to see the Conservatives lose their throne, but who do we vote for?

A recent poll showed exactly the chances of that happening!

BBC poll of polls

Now even excluding disability, many people still would like to see this as a chance to get rid of the Tories, the NHS cuts is one particular sore point and I would hope that this would be a great weapon in their down fall.

Labour used to be the main threat to the Tories but their change in direction has them almost seeing eye to eye with them. Then of course there is the fact that Labour is so busy fighting within its ranks that they have lost the credibility and the trust.

Not so many years ago Nick Clegg came out fighting and he was very popular, he said all the right things and he looked to be the man and the Lib Dems looked to be the party that would make a difference. Then in one foul swoop they climbed into bed with the Conservatives and lost the respect of everyone it had gained in the weeks and months before.

So I guess that leaves us with UKIP and the Green party, personally speaking I would never vote for UKIP and that is because I find many of their opinions vile. The Green Party is sitting at 4% in the polls and so that is a bit like backing a donkey in the Grand National.

On Twitter @GeorgeAylett posted this about Theresa May’s awful voting record throughout the years

Theresa May's Voting record

This post isn’t meant to be full of information and answers, for one I am not up on the ins and outs of politics and I don’t know enough to post in that way.

This is just to say that there are thousands of us out there who don’t fully get it but we are suffering at the hands of the Conservatives.

So what is the answer?

Who do we give our vote?

Is it possible for there to be a campaign that would lead to people all committing to vote in one way and making sure that Theresa may and her band of over privileged chums lose?

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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