We all have opinions, we all have views but Can you really speak your mind on social media?

I am not racist, sexist, homophobic, in fact I don’t discriminate against anyone, I just care if people are nice or not and to me that is all that matters!

But I do have opinions and I find myself deleting things that I have written rather than posting it, because I am worried that some keyboard warrior will then decide to make it a massive issue. I am sure that many people do the same thing, Social Media should be about free speech but people get attacked and it can kill a social media account. You become the latest target for people to accuse of not being PC and saying things that are disgusting.

Can you really speak your mind on social media?

And yes people shouldn’t post offensive tweets or Facebook statuses, but it doesn’t even have to offensive, it just takes someone to take offence and that happens way too often. I would love to go viral but not for the wrong reasons, I don’t need that.

So why can’t we ask questions about certain topics on Social media?

Why do people take enquiry and questioning into certain topics as offensive?

Now of course there will be some people who seem to post to get that response, the venomous Katie Hopkins is one such person and her entire career is made from saying the most hateful stuff and having the media lap it up. Somehow people like her seem to do very well from being hated, that is her thing and if she can live with that then good for her.

However some people accidentally wander into the firing line, we are entitled to have an opinion and yet sometimes people see that opinion as an attack on their lifestyle or position. I am disabled, I am fat and disabled and yet I don’t usually take offence about disability topics and go on the attack at people having an opinion on that. Of course if that opinion then becomes an obvious attack then of course we have the right to reply and question it.

Take this question for example: If there is the MOBO awards for music of black origin, why can’t we have a white version? I saw this question, the person clearly wasn’t being racist and yet it was taken as that. It was a long way back and I can’t remember who posted it and I can’t be bothered to scroll back years to find it.

Is this an acceptable enquiry or is it really seen as racist or inappropriate?

Then we get Ms Criado-Perez’s campaign for Austen to appear on a new bank-note, she merely voiced her opinion on Twitter a place that is about free speech and she received the most vile abuse. Threats of death and rape for just asking a question, is Social media a safe place, if things like this happen over something like this, are we actually free to say what we want within reason?

Do you hold back from tweeting because you are worried about the response?



By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

One thought on “Can you really speak your mind on social media?”
  1. Keyboard worriers teehee! That’s exactly wat they are! They feel empowered in their “safe place” behind their keyboard probably wearing their safety pin too! I’m so sick of having to be PC unless it’s the lefts version of PC which is they are offended yet they are allowed to spew hate just because someone doesn’t agree with them! They can keep their safety pins on and go screw themselves! I’m so glad we (US) finally have a POTUS with balls and speaks the regular language of the US, NON- PC! Yeah maybe I hold back a bit because I didn’t want to deal with the shit storm (which I had gotten on twitter a while ago, but what I posted might have been “too soon” but it was my opinion just like these assjacks have and seem to be ok with whenever wherever for them. I say screw it and let the shit sling where it may…just my opinion and we all know opinions are like ass holes and elbows…we all have them😬

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