I have got a new tool for gardening, it is the Burgon & Ball Perennial Spade and it is perfect for the way I have to garden.

I am a wheelchair user and so gardening is not easy but it is something that I love, it is something that is great for my mental health and so I am happy to exchange a week of high pain levels for an hour gardening!

Jobs like light weeding can be done from my wheelchair using a hoe but most of the time I have to get out of my chair and get down and dirty in the borders.

Adam Frost

So finding a tool that is suitable is difficult, well that was until I was watching gardeners world and saw Adam Frost sat in a border in the pouring rain with a garden tool in his hand that was perfect! (Above picture shows Adam with the tool but it isn’t from that episode)

So I searched the internet for this type of tool without knowing what it was called and I came across the Burgon & Ball website.

Luckily this was about a month before my birthday and so I dropped massive hints almost daily and would you believe it, guess what I got for my birthday?

Yes my daughter bought me one as modeled here by our granddaughter!

And wow what a beautiful bit of kit this is!

I have to say that even though we now have some lovely gardening tools from the Gardening for Disabled Trust previous to that we had cheap tools, and the difference is massive.

The Perennial Spade is the sort of garden tool that will outlive me and will likely be around for my granddaughter to use just as I have a lawn edger that was owned by my granddads sister!

Perennial Spade

It has a head dimension of 14cm long x 14cm wide and an overall length of 53cm and weighs in at 614g.

That is about five and a half inches for the head and just under twenty one inches long including the handle and weighing in at one and three quarter pounds.

So it is perfect for me and for anyone who gardens sat down or even kneeling.

This is what Burgon & Ball say about the Perennial Spade:

This mid-handled perennial spade is simply perfect for the task of splitting perennial plants. The pointed tip slices easily through roots to divide into new plants, with minimal disturbance to the rest of the roots and plant. It’s also really handy for digging while kneeling, offering great grip and enhanced digging power if you like to get up close to your plants. And it’s perfect to use with raised beds, extending your reach to avoid working at an awkward height.


It is sharp as it is designed to split perennial plants, hence the name but I have sharpened it up a bit more to make it even easier as I use it beyond what it was designed for.

I am digging with it because a normal spade is unuseable for me and a trowel is no good as I just can’t get the jobs done with one hand.

This is where I encountered a problem!

I am mentioning this in case you use it as I do and this is in no way a fault in the spade as I am giving it a lot more grief than its design intended.

Me sat in the border

I was digging out the remains of a Hypericum or Rose of Sharon that was quite a size and although it is a plant I really like, it self seeds everywhere and drives me mad.

So I was digging around the roots of this and the T handle on the Perennial Spade spun round and then came off!

It is held on with I suspect wood glue and it has a hole drilled through and into the shaft with a peg of wood to keep it in place and so I made a repair by drilling out the remains of that peg and glued the handle back on using Gorilla Wood Glue that is so strong and then I put a screw through for good measure.

And that will not budge now!

Me gardening sat on the lawn and planting some Verbena.

Before I got this Perennial spade the tool I was using to dig was the lawn edger that belonged to my grandads sister. It worked because it is sharp and also because I have the arms of an orangutan.

Now I drive my family mad because I keep saying “I love my Perennial Spade!” and my daughters cannot understand how this garden tool can make me so happy?

It is priced at £19.99 from the Burgon & Ball website and at the time of writing this, it is out of stock and I am in no way surprised, but trust me when I say that if you garden sat on the ground, then this tool will be the favourite garden tool!

Burgon & Ball website

I have to admit to scrolling through the Burgon & Ball website a good few times and being overly amazed at their range of garden tools just a child may look through a sweet shop window!

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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