So today brings the news that the Conservatives have managed to keep power and do so without having the Lib Dems tagging along anymore, my twitter feed is filled with disabled people expressing fear and anger.

I feel upset, I feel afraid but nobody outside of my immediate family would understand, pre election I posted on Facebook about what the Conservatives getting in would mean for me and other disabled people, it appeared to fall on deaf ears.

It might sound overdramatic to say I feel like I could cry but that is exactly how I feel, the healthy me wouldn’t be so emotional but high levels of pain every minute of everyday works on you like a tanner works on leather, turning it from a hard robust skin into a softened feminine product. However I also feel numb, like an animal laying stunned and in shock waiting for the predator to move in and finish it off and believe me, the Tories will finish off many disabled people.


Yesterday at the polling station we were greeted by two men, one supporting the independent candidate and the other the Tory candidate. We had taken the dog with us so he got his walk and so I waited outside whilst my wife and daughter went in to vote. I was chatting to the Independent guy when the Tory asked if he could count on my support, I do believe he regretted asking me because I then went on to explain to him what had happened to disabled people because of the coalition. He replied “it’s okay, there won’t be any more cuts for the disabled”, it was a red rag waving in the hot air from this foolish man’s words and this bull charged, I told him that the damage had already been done, I told him about my work capability assessments and how I scored zero twice and suffered months of hardship because our money was reduced and yet the decision was overturned on both occasions. I told him how Iwe have to top our rent using my DLA but there is a good chance that I will lose that money as many have done when swapping to PiP.

He then looked relieved when my daughter came out and I wheeled in, but he then blurted out “why do the tories always get the blame”, I couldn’t be bothered to wheel back and so I said out loud “because they are guilty and it has cost many lives”. Inside I was asked if I was being harassed by the guy but I said it was okay, if I wasn’t sure of my vote, I was now.

It turns out that whilst I was inside voting and chatting to the people inside he had asked my daughter if I was actually able to work? She said “well clearly not” to which he said that I look okay. Now maybe this is where we should have some pity for the guy, my daughter is a very strong woman and I don’t mean gobby or aggressive. She explained that it’s easy to come to that conclusion but people don’t see me when I’m laid crying because the pain is so intense, how I’m laid up sometimes for weeks on end and that this push in my wheelchair to vote will mean I will be in extreme pain in an hour or so.
The problem according to this Tory supporter is that most disabled people aren’t claiming the right benefits because the government has made sure that disabled people will be okay and in fact the Conservatives care a lot about disabled people.

So now we face possible further cuts to welfare, the NHS that cares for us is under threat and the human rights act that protects us could be thrown in the bin. We face some dark times ahead and this has all been voted for by the majority and I hope that they realise what they have done, this day will certainly be remembered for a very very long time.

On Facebook I follow an institute for disabled children and teenagers in Romania, its typical that my brain is foggy and I can’t remember it’s name and so can’t find it on Facebook, but the woman who I have chatted to has told me how disabled people in Romania are mostly institutionalised and don’t have the same freedom that we do here. This has always been quite shocking to read but now I’m fearing that the same might happen to many disabled people in the UK, with the ILF being attacked by the tories and the problems with housing and care what else happens to those with the most severe disabilities, how do they live independently?

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

3 thought on “Black Friday”
  1. Just goes to show how devious the Tories are, in that the supporter went behind your back and asked your daughter personal questions about you! BTW, I had a good cry this morning; the future is very scary especially with my DLA ending later this year.

    1. The whole DLA to PiP is very scary, I had an indefinite award and so thought I would never have to worry about it again.
      Its hard enough dealing with illness and disability and now we have this, I never thought I would ever be scared of our government

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