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Beware of scam with BT

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Okay, I am not sure how it works but clearly there is a scam going on!

Beware of scam with BTA few weeks ago we had two letters delivered to us for someone called Mr John Stevens, one thin letter and a thicker one and it was clearly a new contract. We have used BT before and they send the letters just like this and so I rang them to enquire if someone had set an account up using our address?

Good old BT customer services said they couldn’t tell me because of privacy issues. I find this crazy, I am not asking about this Mr John Stevens details, I am merely asking if someone has set up a BT account for our address which is definitely something I have a right to know!

So I used Twitter and BT said they would look into it!

Yesterday a Royal Mail guy knocks on the door, it’s now a few weeks after the letters and he has a parcel from BT for this same name, Mr John Stevens. We tell him that no one of that name lives here but we had the letters a few weeks ago and he says “it’s a scam, I have four more parcels from BT for this road for him” he then says we may get someone call later saying have we got a parcel that was mistakenly sent to the wrong address!

So I call BT and tell them what has happened and what the Royal Mail guy said, they looked it up on the system and said that there was nothing showing for this address.

Sure enough a few hours later a guy knocks on the door, “have you got a parcel for me?”, I asked him what house number he lived at and he said that he didn’t, he was just picking the parcel up, he had a Hi Vis jacket on and he claimed he was from another delivery company and was sent to pick the parcel up.

I told him this was a scam, it was a con to steal BT equipment and he looked very nervous and walked away!

The parcel looked to be the size that would be their BT TV box and equipment but I can’t be sure, but one thing is clear and that is that this a scam to steal the TV boxes and resell them.

BT clearly don’t give a damn, I have messaged them on twitter but they are not interested.

However I am now worried that bills will arrive and a debt will be built up against this property!


Two guys just called, they work for BT OpenReach and were here to install a line and get it all up and running and yet BT claim there is nothing showing for this address! 

Wake up BT, people are stealing your equipment! 

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