We recently got a couple of sex toys, one for him and one for her or rather me and Donna and the male one is the Bestvibe Dual Holes Masturbation Sleeve or 3 Stages Textures Dual Holes Masturbation Sleeve as it is called.

We have reviewed a few of these masturbation sleeves over the past couple of years and this one is up there with the best of them.

This is a manual masturbation device in that it is not powered in any way, well except for a good forearm lol.

These products are gaining popularity, and they range from clear material like this product to ones that are coloured to look as much like the real thing as they can.

My personal preference is for a clear one like this, I don’t need that visual stimulation of having it look life like and we use these products as a couple, I have not used one solo!


The Bestvibe Dual Holes Masturbation Sleeve  is made from TPE + ABS and measures 5.5” in total length, 3” in total width.

 TPE + ABS Product Size: 5.5'' in total length, 3'' in total width

It is an open-ended design and so be careful, the result of playing with this will not be contained inside.

At one end is a mouth shaped entrance and at the opposite end an entrance that is shaped or moulded to resemble a vagina.

Also the internal structure is different at either end.

You are going to need to use lube with this and the labia shaped end is very tight!

Bestvibe Dual Holes Masturbation Sleeve review

The soft sleeve has a hard clear outer protective cover that you or your partner can press whilst using it or you can remove this and just use the soft sleeve on its own!

What do we think?

For us sex toys are useful because of my disability.

I can still partake in foreplay and penetrative sex when pain levels are low and I have the energy but quite often I am in too much pain or haven’t got the energy, and yet we both still want sex and so that is where toys like this are (please excuse the pun) handy!

From the mouth end, it is easy to turn the Bestvibe Dual Holes Masturbation Sleeve inside out to give it a good wash and this can be done with just soap and water and then leave it to air dry.

It comes boxed with instructions, although I have no idea why you would need instructions?

As I said, we have had a few of these in for review and we have only kept one powered one and now this one. It is very well-designed and it certainly results in, well a happy ending, a very happy ending!

Bestvibe sell a wide ranger of masturbation sleeves and also powered masturbation devices and also obviously sex toys for women as well.

The products are well priced, and the quality is very good, plus they are delivered in a very discreet plain box and delivery is swift.

The Bestvibe Dual Holes Masturbation Sleeve costs £23.69 from the website.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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