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Who is behind the brand? Beard Juice

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Beard Juice Kent

Name: Wayne Pollard

Age: 44

Brand name: Beard Juice Premium Oil Co.

Where do you live? Originally from Poole Dorset now living in Gillingham Kent

Why did you choose that name for your brand? Good question. Just seemed right at the time

When did you first start making beard care products? I started dabbling in 2014. Spent about a year studying, practising and researching in my spare time until the launch in 2015.

What is your favourite thing about making and selling beard care products? The self-satisfaction when you get great feedback from customers. It tells me the endless studying and experimenting is worth it.

What do you dislike about making and selling beard care? Royal Mail!

How many hours do you normally spend making beard care in a week? Depends on the time of year to be honest. Feb/March can be quiet and can be a couple of hours a week, whereas now it’s nonstop. I have the in laws onboard at Christmas to help with production so it’s pretty much at least one person full-time making products over Movember and December. The mother in law is locked in the beard cave as I type!

Where do you make the beard care products? In the Beard Cave. I have converted my cellar to a mini production and Research centre. Think Apple HQ on a smaller scale, but with a better aroma!

What is your favourite product from your brand? Anything with the coffee essential oil. I just adore the smell of coffee, although I’m more a tea drinker. The scent ‘just works’ in oils balms, shower gels and soaps. Such an invigorating awakening smell.

What one other beard care brand or brand owner do you admire? None they are all my enemies! Just kidding… or am I? No, seriously I don’t really know any other brand owners personally, other than those I read about / follow online etc. I love the Apothecary brand in terms of styling and marketing (bit pricey though!)

What plans do you have for the brand? I am currently in the process of rebranding, so we are having new labels for the entire range, we are going to expand our shower gel range, currently developing a soft balm, shave gel, face scrub and a few more. I’m also furthering the ‘Mrs Pollard’ range of ladies toiletries. Expect a lot more collabs with other companies and individuals. I might actually start approaching some outlets in the New Year to see if I can get the range in retail outlets.

There are so many things I want to do; there are just not enough hours in the day


What are your hobbies? My gorgeous K100 cafe racer, Archery (1ct Class compound), my 3 DobermansGoose, Bison and Bell. Anything Sci Fi.

Are you married/in a relationship? Married to Emma for nine years.

What motivates you? Success! Simple as that, I want to be the best at what I do, and won’t stop until I achieve all the plans I have made, and continue to make.

Beard Juice Never Give In

What are your strengths? The company motto is ‘Never Give In’ that is my strength.

What are your weaknesses? I never give in, when perhaps on occasions I should have..

When was the last time you were angry? Yesterday

What happened? I am getting really really p***ed off with the bike/scooter theft epidemic that is currently happening around the country. Someone I met a few weeks ago had their bike stolen, and it made me want to go all vigilante and find the little *****

If you weren’t making beard care what would you want to do for a job? I own a couple of other small businesses, the main being IT/Web Design/SEO/Hosting etc. Until Beard Juice happened that was my only job so I guess I would still be sat behind my desk all day making websites and other really interesting things!!

What were you like in high school? Working full-time at Woolworths.

Do you talk much? I work mainly on my own and love my own company, but when I get allowed out to communicate with other humans I guess I talk a lot.

Are you introvert or extrovert?  I guess a little of both

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why? A giant Tortoise. They live for ages, don’t have many predators, get a free home, and all they have to do is eat and reproduce.

How do you handle stress and pressure? Run it off. Every evening i have a small work out, which gets rid of all the days stress.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? Rather not say! It was a long time ago!

What’s the best holiday you can imagine? Going on a bike tour of India, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand and Vietnam.

What is your favourite food? Chinese. Specifically from the Mandarin Chef back in Dorset. Every time family or friends come to visit I ask them to bring me a special fried rice.

What is your favourite alcoholic drink? Finlandia Vodka, neat on ice. Devine.

Wayne Pollard Cafe Racer

What is your most proud achievement? Building my BMW K100 motorcycle. rebuilt it from a wreck and turned it into a cafe racer.

What is/are your phobias? Not a fan of spiders, terrified of going bald. Drawn on eyebrows scare the living hell out of me. Why? just why??

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