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Bedfordshire Beard Co Winter Spice Ltd Edition Beard Oil

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Yes another limited edition Winter scented beard product and this time from The Bedfordshire Beard Co.

I have reviewed for this brand quite a few times and the one thing that stands out is owner and creator Tom’s scent blending skills.

The base of this oil is a blend of Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Hemp Seed oil, Apricot kernel oil and Jojoba oil and what a cracking blend it is.

I love the oils from this brand and they are without a doubt a bloody amazing brand with beautifully made products.

But as I said, it is the scents that I think of when The Bedfordshire Beard Co is mentioned.

I was worried and owner Tom was worried that I wouldn’t like this scent, I have an aversion to Clove, I dislike the scent and it reminds me of toothache as a child.

I warmed some of the Winter Spice oil in my hands and that Clove popped up and I was “nope”, but that lasted a split second as the Orange then came in and balanced well with the Clove.

I could actually appreciate that Clove scent and it works so well with the Citrus scent.

Look, I am not going to rave about it, but I appreciate this scent blend!

Bedfordshire Beard CO

The Winter Spice is only available as a 10ml and costs £7 from The Bedfordshire Beard Co website.

The Bedfordshire Beard Co also sells a range of Apparel, Hair care and Shaving products and you can keep up to date  with them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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