I have tested a few Tobacco scented products and I have always said how as a non smoker, that I don’t see the appeal but I can appreciate the scent if done right. Bedfordshire Beard Co ‘The Tobacconist’ Beard Oil is done right, in fact its the best Tobacco scented oil that I have tested thus far!

Tobacco scent is like the Coffee scents, if it’s not a top quality essential oil and if it’s not blended properly then it can smell stale and that is not what you want on your beard all day, believe me! Bedfordshire Beard Co ‘The Tobacconist’ Beard Oil is a gentle and sweet scent, a creamy and glorious vanilla with the tobacco and a very slight warm and peppery scent sitting in the background.

Dropping some of the oil into my palm I then warmed the oil in my palms and worked it into my beard and down onto the skin under the beard. The scent is really so very good and after hearing so much about this scent, I can now see why. Bedfordshire Beard Co ‘The Tobacconist’ Beard Oil is a golden colour and has a medium consistency and feels very nice on your beard. The scent lasted quite a while and my beard had a slight hold.

‘The Tobacconist’ is a blend of Almond, Grapeseed oil, Hemp oil, Apricot and Jojoba carrier oils with the essential oils added to give it the scent and it is therefore suitable for vegans. Bedfordshire beard Co has the feel of a large major brand and yet they still produce small batches which is always the sign of a good product.

Bedfordshire Beard Co ‘The Tobacconist’ Beard Oil is available from their website as either a 10ml for £6.99 or 30ml for £16.99 and is housed in a glass bottle with a glass dropper for dispensing the oil.

The Bedfordshire beard Co beard oils are also available in

Fresh – the perfect wakeup call. Hints of cool peppermint and zesty lemon will keep your beard feeling fresh all day long.

Dark Pepper – earthy and warm, this is one for the sophisticated gent.  Spicy notes of black pepper and fragrant patchouli give this oil an elegant aroma.

Sawmill – one for lovers of the great outdoors, a warm and woody scent.

Mango – seriously fruity, this one will keep you smelling sweet all day long.

Vanilla – a warm creamy scent, you’ll be smelling good enough to eat with this one.

The bedfordshire Beard Co

Bedfordshire Beard Co also sells a range of Apparel, Hair care and Shaving products and you can keep up to date  with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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