Becoming or appointing a brand ambassador.

Social media is a powerful tool and it can literally make or break a brand and so many brands use an ambassador or ambassadors, but what does Becoming or appointing a brand ambassador mean?

I get a few messages every now and then from guys asking what an ambassador is, how they get to become one and I have even had a couple of brands asking when they have considered using an ambassador and so I thought an article about ambassadors might be useful.

Basically that person represents that brand on social media and out in the real life world and so there are certain things that person should have and be.

  • Looks – First off they have to look the part, they or you should have that look or lifestyle that literally makes guys want to buy from that brand and that ties in with the brand.
  • Presence – They must have a good social media presence, it’s no use having an ambassador who only has a few hundred followers. If no one is seeing their posts, then there is no point.
  • Safe – They represent the brand and so you should make sure that their lifestyle, views and their past isn’t going to hurt the brand, have they been in the press for crimes or anything unsavoury? Are they safe enough to be a positive and not a negative? You wouldn’t want someone who is a hunter if you sell vegan products for instance.
  • Enthusiasm – This is very important, many guys will break a brand owners door down to become an ambassador, but will they still be enthusiastic in the long run?
  • Loyal – If you agree to be an Ambassador for a brand you must be loyal to that brand. It’s not then acceptable to plug another beard care brand or product.

Then of course we have to ask what is in it for them?

Many brands will supply their ambassador (s) with free products, this is a thank you for the work that these people are doing for you and your brand. So they get the latest products so they can use them and hopefully tell everyone how amazing they are.

Apparel is also normally supplied, it’s normally a T Shirt for the ambassador to wear for photos and whilst attending any meets or shows. Then if they want something like a hoodie, they are offered a nice discount.

Some brands offer a discount to their ambassadors, this obviously has to be considerably more generous than other discounts that these guys promote for the brand. You can’t expect something for nothing!

Promoting a Brand

So you are now an ambassador or you have an ambassador and now the work starts.

An ambassador should be active, they should be active on multiple social media platforms. My reviews are promoted as well as on the website, on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google +, you should also be supplying the brand with the occasional video as these are very popular.

Now of course the ambassador has to be active, they should join various groups and get known on there. If they just join a group and instantly start plugging a brand, it doesn’t look good and also people will listen more to someone who they have seen posting and commenting.

However, there is such a thing as too much, too much advertising, can be as bad as no advertising!

If every single post is #xxxxxx then soon people will just scroll past and not pay attention, they will grow tired of constant posting.

Ambassadors should try to come up with different ways of engaging with potential customers, it’s no use just keep posting a photo of yourself with the hashtags.

Also be consistent, it’s no use having an ambassador that posts loads on social media one day and then goes quiet for weeks and then repeats the cycle.

It’s a job!

If a brand has given their ambassador(s) free products and maybe apparel, then they have been paid.

So it is only fair that the brand gets their moneys worth of promotion. Often this is done via a code that offers money off and is unique to that ambassador.

When the code is used, the brand owner knows where that sale has come from and it is the duty of the ambassador to get those sales. After all they have been paid with products and the brand owners are in business!

I am not an ambassador, I have been asked a couple of times but for the sake of my reviews I need to remain impartial.

However I am sent products from brands, over 140 brands so far and I owe it to those brands to make sure my reviews are seen just like an ambassador would promote a brand.

It’s not easy, it takes time but I always make sure that I am posting and sharing posts from the brands when I see one that I think is good.

So choosing an ambassador is more than “he has got a good beard” and being an ambassador is more than posting selfies with hashtags. Choosing an ambassador and choosing to be one should take careful thought.

Can an ambassador bring in sales?

I guess the answer must be a yes, but it got me wondering and so I messaged Rhian who owns Balbo Beard Co and asked her if she would allow me to play ambassador for 4 weeks. I asked for a unique code so that I could see exactly how well I could do and she agreed. I will publish the results on here when the 4 weeks is over and no matter how dismal the tally is!

So how did I do?

First I have to say that it is not easy!

You need to plug the brand, get their name out there but it really is a fine balance. I did manage to bring in sales identified by my custom link supplied by Balbo Beard Co and I didn’t do too badly at all.

Like I said, you first need a decent social media profile, the more people following you over the various social networks, the better. The problem is that you feel like you are forcing posts, I guess that it was harder for me because I don’t go out of the house and so it’s harder to post photos.

You definetely have to be commited to the role, in the beginning it’s easy but you always have it in your mind (or you should) that you need to be getting the brand out there.

I have seen ambassadors go both ways, some post too little and yet getting the rewards from a brand and some just constantly posting #brand and that actually puts me off a brand.

If you are considering being an ambassador think carefully. This isn’t just a chance to get free shit, you are taking on a job to help someones business, a business that they have most likely worked hard to build and they are placing a bet on you. Gambling giving away profit in order to gain more business!

EDIT: This post in no way reflects any person nor is it pointing fingers at any one persons past or circumstances. It was posted after I had received several inquiries asking what the role of an ambassador entailed.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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