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A bearded postman with sticky fingers!

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Throughout 2017 Tactical Beard Care and their customers have been the victims of theft! A bearded postman with sticky fingers in the delivery chain is helping themselves to the packages of beard care! (Owner of Tactical Beard Care has told us that the loses are through Royal Mail)

The bearded postman with sticky fingers!

You thieving bastard Postman Pat!

Now of course we have no proof, but I would say that it is most likely at the Aberdare sorting office end as other brands are not having this problem. Thomas owner of Tactical Beard Care drops off sealed sacks to Royal Mail and they are then dealt with and are meant to then be sent onwards to the customers.

Yes this is frustrating for the brand and the customers, but in the long run this could be very damaging to the Tactical Beard Care brand.

South Wales Police

We have been told that the Royal Mail and South Wales Police have been informed and are apparently looking into it, I am unsure on the Royal Mail but the Police throughout the UK are now more stretched than ever and this is a low priority crime and so I imagine that it isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

I have also emailed the Royal Mail press office to see what they have say!
I have received a reply, unfortunately it said at top of email Note: Not for publication or attribution.
However they did say.

We would be more than happy to investigate any concerns they or their customers wish to share with us. Our Customer Services team can be contacted on 03457 740 740 or at .
We also respond to queries via our Twitter account @RoyalMail.


Royal Mail were not at fault and no reports were made to them by the brand.

This has been going on for roughly a year and so it deserves some attention by the Royal mail and the South Wales Police. I imagine that the cost of missing goods is adding up to quite a large figure now.

Tactical Beard Care

Thomas at Tactical Beard Care has worked hard to create the brand, the products are made from natural ingredients and in small batches and have proven to be very popular. I have said before that his beard shampoo without a doubt is in my opinion the best and the beard oils and balms I have tried have been very nice indeed.

So it would be a crime (pun intended) if the brand suffered because of a light-fingered bugger. I am a firm supporter of small brands like Tactical Beard Care as the products from the smaller brands are often the best and as a small brand they can’t afford to take a big hit like this and it would be a great shame if it impacted the brand so much that it wasn’t viable any longer.

Thomas on top of this was involved in a car crash that left him admitted to hospital and it added to the problems of getting products to their customers.

If you have ordered from Tactical Beard Care and have not received the goods, let me know and we can add you to the list and make the police officer dealing with the case and the sorting office aware.


Tactical Beard Co is no longer around after the sad and sudden death of the owner.

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