Today I saw a post on Facebook from a beard care brand about some beard oils that had been damaged during delivery. The customer had made contact and there was some question of who’s responsibility this was. So if you receive some Beard oils damaged in post, what should you do?

First off I think we need to look at packaging and how effective it is, whenever I have sent beard oils from giveaways, I have boxed, bubble wrapped and made 100% sure they are safe. However any extra protection that the brand uses is going to and rightly so, will have to be added to the cost and delivery of the oils.

Jiffy BagI decided to see how good the padded envelopes are and so I found an oil that had been tested and reviewed and offered it up for sacrifice. I placed the oil in the padded envelope with no extra protection and went all Myth Buster on it.

First off was a drop test, it was dropped onto a hard floor from arms height whilst sat in my wheelchair, this has to be about six feet and no delivery van should be higher than that. I dropped it ten times and nothing.

Next I decided to pretend I was an angry Royal Mail employee and so I threw it as hard as I could onto the floor and still after many attempts, nothing!

I slammed it onto the kitchen worktop and it still survived!Beard oils damaged in post

Finally I ran it over with my rear wheels, I thought it was toast but no and so it finally took a hammer and the bottle broke. I was very surprised to see that it didn’t actually break the bottle more than it did and the glass pipette didn’t break.

So now I have shown how much force it takes to break the bottle in just a jiffy bag, I think that this form of protection taken by brands is acceptable. Of course saving money is everyone’s objective and some padded envelopes contain as much padding as a ballet dancers hips!

Seven Potions 'Citrus Tonic' Premium Beard Oil

Some brands box their oils, Seven Potions are one of the brands that employ this packaging and the bottle is held securely inside the box.

Gruff and Bristle Beard Oil

Gruff and Bristle house their 100ml oil costing £16.95 in a thick cardboard tube that is very strong!

Tactical Beard Oil kitFor an extra £6.99, Tactical Beard Care offer what they call a ‘Special Forces Hard Travel Case’ and believe me, your oils could be run over by the delivery van and still survive! They are also a great travel case to take your oils in when you go on holiday.

What if my oil arrives and its been smashed?

If you notice that the bottle has been broken, usually you can see the envelope has been soaked by the oil or the feel tells you it’s broken, don’t accept the delivery!

However if it’s been posted through the door or you haven’t noticed, contact the brand and include photo’s of the envelope and the contents still in the envelope. Apparently it is down to the person who mails the package to make the claim.

Most brands will replace the oils for you or offer a refund and either claim from the company that delivered or just accept that it’s going to happen. A beard care brand needs a good product, good branding and excellent customer relations and sometimes that includes taking a loss for the sake of good PR.

It is also down to us that purchase the products to be fair as well, the brands take precautions to prevent breakages and accidents will always happen. So a friendly email will be the first course of action, it’s no use going in all guns blazing, that will just piss them off and get you nowhere.

Of course more often than not it’s not a broken bottle but products not arriving that is the problem. Theft or lost products have been more common than breakages that I have seen from guys posting on social media. Royal Mail accepts that some items will get lost, they estimate that one in one thousand will go missing that’s 0.1%. Sending by 1st Class and 2nd Class services, including Royal Mail Signed For will be treated as lost if they are not delivered 10 or more working days after the due delivery date.

I hope that most of you have no problems, in fact I know that is the case. I have never had a broken bottle of oil delivered, I have the odd tin of balm arrive with some dents but that’s hardly a problem.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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