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Beard Do’s and Dont’s

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So you have decided to grow a beard or you have grown one and you are now wondering if it should be trimmed to get the best result.

The short answer is don’t act quickly, also if you want a big beard, leave it alone and let it grow, resist the temptation.

It is all too easy to make mistakes, I have lost count of the times that someone on ‘Guardians of the Beard’ has made an error and lost their beard and had to start all over again.

So what makes a good beard and what makes a bad beard? Lets start with guys who have got it right!

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Of course these are the best, we can’t all achieve these results no matter how hard we try. Our genes limit what we can grow, some people will never have a full beard and will have patches and of course as we get older, the grey hairs take over but the best advice I can give is embrace it.

Now we need to have a look at the beards that are a big no!

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If you want a beard that will look good you need to follow these guidelines;

  • Resist the urge to trim too soon, let it grow.
  • Use a dedicated natural beard soap or shampoo.
  • Don’t wash your beard everyday, a few times a week at most and rinse with fresh water in between washes.
  • Use an oil or balm that is 100% natural.
  • Use a boars hair brush.
  • DIY beard trimming often leads to disaster.

When you are ready for a trim find a recommended barber, most will advertise that they trim beards but not all of them know how to handle a big beard and I have seen many guys posting that they have had their beard ruined. I set up a custom Google map and I have been adding recommended ‘Trusted Beard Barbers’, so check to see if there is one near you, otherwise ask.









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