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As Billy Idol once sang!

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It’s almost 10pm and I’m laid here on the bed looking like Jabba the Hutt after a sauna, why? Well because as Billy Idol once sang, “It’s hot in the City”!

Listen this made sense in my meds addled brain but now I see it on the screen it makes no sense, I’m not even in a city but it’s hot so please bear with me.

It hit 30°c in our part of England today and unlike the days when I was a sun worshipping fire fighter, I now suffer in the heat. My poor spooning brain is fighting to keep me lucid and my pain levels are through the roof, but that’s also partly because I over did things yesterday.

I had planned on trying to get a sun tan this year, I thought that just half hour every now and then would get me a tan and not effect my health. As it turns out, I am paler than ever and the previous attempts at my “half hour” left me without spoons and longing for winter, yes the winter that I hate and beg for summer throughout.

I had planned a decent blog post but this is too challenging…….. Good night!

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