Now when I say Appointment Delays With Chronic Pain, I am on about physically sitting in the waiting room when you are in pain, not waiting to get an appointment!

I am writing this because yesterday I had an appointment to see an orthopaedic consultant, I hate being late and so we arrived twenty minutes early as usual and booked in. I actually don’t mind the wait, we chat and people watch and seeing as this was the first time I had left the house this year, it was kind of nice!

I took Oramorph the night before and I took some about an hour before we left, so I was well prepared for the appointment. However it became obvious that there was going to be quite a wait, the consultant himself wanted to see me and that always means a wait, his registrars are busy seeing people but that’s no good for me.

After quite some time I spoke to the nurse who was in and out of the consultants room and asked how far down the list I was, the answer was quite a few and so we sat and waited. My pain was slowly building and so I took another dose of Oramorph to help. We got talking to a lady who was also having problems after knee replacement surgery and that helps as distraction is a valuable tool against pain.

However the pain then reached the point where that wouldn’t work, I was getting irritable and struggling. Then the pain took a leap and told my wife that I couldn’t wait much longer and so we once again spoke to the nurse and I explained. The consultant walked past to use the loo and I joked saying that if he was truly dedicated he would catheterise himself. I told the nurse that I actually don’t mind waiting, I have previously sat there hours when there has been delays and it doesn’t bother me, but now pain meant it was a problem.

So I ended up leaving without seeing the consultant!

This isn’t a post to moan about delays, our doctors and nurses are busier than ever and their time is limited and so clinics are very busy and delays are now normal. I knew I had to still push out and get home and I had no desire to get to the point when I am then in tears in front of everyone!

This is just to see what you do?

If you suffer from high pain levels and being sat waiting drives them up into levels where you can’t wait, how do you get to see a consultant? Leave a comment and let me know!


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

2 thought on “Appointment Delays With Chronic Pain”
  1. I have to disagree with it’s not their fault. They over book, over promise and under deliver. If they cared they wouldn’t overbook. I know every once in a while something would come up like a patient needing extra time (or coding in the waiting room), I get that but 99% of the time it’s a long wait and tears and it’s not fair. If we are late or a no show we have to pay a hefty fee that our insurance won’t cover, but they can be hours late and we just have to take it. I don’t believe that docs truly understand chronic pain sufferers…it’s hard enough getting there (the ride kills me some times) but to have to wait over an hour just to speak to them about the pain you are in plus the drive home. Yes I have been in tears in front of everyone and locked myself in their bathroom having a freak out moment because the pain got so bad…but they just think I’m crazy and should “talk to someone”. How about letting me talk to you IN A TIMELY FASHION, how about that!
    Sorry, got carried away but this is def one of my HOT buttons! Carry on…and hope you are feeling better!

    1. I agree it’s not fair, not fair at all!
      Here in the UK the NHS is in a bad state, I’m convinced that it’s being driven into the ground on purpose so the Conservatives can then privatise it like they want to but look good by looking like they had no choice and are helping us.
      I really didn’t want to get so bad that I end up in tears, it’s happened before and I don’t want to go there again.
      Do I see it changing?
      Consultants don’t truly care, I think that over the years they get desensitised to it all and maybe it’s a self protection mechanism but as a patient it sucks. I am where I am because of a knee problem, they have refused to listen to me and refused to help and now I’m really upshot creek without a paddle.

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