I hold my hand up and admit that I’m not an easy patient, I have CFS, I have chronic pain following a knee replacement five years ago, I have damage to my back at L5/S1, mechanical damage to hands and shoulders and I have panic attacks.

Recently I saw my GP (family doctor) to ask for a re-referal to the consultant who I saw about my back, its been a few years since I last saw him and nothing was done because I couldn’t have an MRI because of panic attacks and claustrophobia (I did attempt to go in the scanner), they said they don’t sedate people for an MRI.

Last week I recieved a letter which was a copy of a letter from The Chronic Pain Management team to my GP


I was confused because if the original consultant who I saw about my back has left, wouldn’t they then refer me to whoever has taken his place?
Also the consultant they are referring me to specialises in knees and hips and not backs, I’m also confused as to why the pain management team has responded, the “care” they have been giving is just pain management and the letter almost feels like it’s saying “oh it’s okay, we know about him, don’t worry”?

I emailed the pain management team last weekend so they would receive it first thing Monday


Today is Thursday and so this afternoon I decided to ring them, I had hoped it would clarify things but I am now more confused and its actually upset me. Its hard to explain, of course if you suffer chronic pain or a chronic illness, you will understand, I don’t want much and I’m not the kind of patient who keeps contacting them and I actually prefer to attend the hospital as little as often.
This confusion makes me upset because these are the people I trust with my health, these people are meant to make me feel confident with their care and feel safe but I feel far from confident and it actually feels like they don’t give a damn, obviously that may not be the case but it’s how I feel and its not the first time!

The woman who I spoke to on the phone said that they have notified the pain clinic consultant about this, even though I want to see a bloody back specialist, she then said they were looking into my MRI results and yet I haven’t had an MRI and the last time I was meant to have one was more than four years ago.

I hate to complain about the NHS but you couldn’t make this slapstick kind of treatment up if you tried.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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