Yesterday I crashed, I felt like I had been awake for days!

It’s that horrible feeling of struggling just to think and be able to string a sentence together, I couldn’t cope with the noise of the television and my family talking at the same time because it was crumbling my brain and I felt so weak that I just wanted to cry. Of course this feeling is not new because I have had CFS/ME since 1996 but I don’t often get that bad now.

I suddenly realised that this flare up might be caused by the dentist appointment that I had a few days ago, I have only just started to go to see the dentist after twenty (ish) years of being too scared to attend and so the two extractions that I had a few days ago were inevitable. I thought that maybe my body’s flaring up was because the extractions weren’t straight forward but it seems that it is down to the local anaesthetic.


The dentist did tell me that there was adrenaline in the local anaesthetic and so not to worry if I felt my heart beat faster, I hadn’t realised up till then that adrenaline was used and he told me that it’s used because it constricts the blood vessels in the area and so the anaesthetic is contained in that area, without it the body would basically wash it away quicker.

So yesterday a good old Google search brought up page after page of information about how adrenaline in anaesthetics is best avoided if you have CFS/ME, one page talks about how people with CFS/ME are slow detoxifiers and that we have a problem with chemical sensitivity.
I’m not going to talk about this with great detail because at the moment I’m still feeling very foggy and I just can’t muster the energy to read through pages and pages of medical trials and so I will leave it at just saying that if you need dental treatment and you have CFS/ME, ask your dentist to use adrenaline free anaesthetics, if he advises that you still have an anesthetic containing adrenaline because it reduces bleeding and the anaesthetic is longer lasting, ask for him/her to give a smaller dose.

I would suggest reading up on this issue and talking with your dentist about your health problems and your concerns, I wish had known about this before I had the treatment but at least I know for next time.

Please feel free to comment, let me know if you have had this problem and if you are a dentist who has seen this, please comment and tell me what you think about adrenaline in anaesthetics and if you have treated anyone with CFS/ME.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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  1. Your post was very interesting. I did not realize the effect dental anesthesia can have on a person with CFS. Thank you for sharing and suggesting to others that they inform their dental professionals about this.

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