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And into Autumn

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Tomorrow the meteorological summer comes to an end and we enter autumn, but the astronomical autumn doesn’t actually start until the 22nd September.

I was always a sun worshipper and I would take every opportunity to bare some skin to get it even more tanned, however since being unwell, I have struggled with the warm weather as it makes me feel very unwell.

And so I am more comfortable with the autumn and winter, yes the cold weather does cause some extra pain issues as most people with arthritic problems get but I love the snuggle weather.

The weather went from the high 20’s on Sunday and Monday, a warmish Tuesday and to 12°c and wet on wednesday and so out came the hoodie and the socks. Also an extra blanket was thrown onto the bed and I was a happy spoonie, well it was a high pain day but I was happy!

The only thing missing to make the cold autumn and winter days perfect, is an open fire but unfortunately our bungalow like many properties, had them ripped out at some stage and so we can’t have a nice roaring fire. Our plan though is to get a firepit of some sort and sit out on the deck burning the offcuts of decking that we have a big store of.

However my favourite thing about the colder weather is our bedding, we ditched the quilt years ago and went back to sheet, blankets and bedspread and so the cold weather will see extra blankets added and I love the added weight. I sleep better under the many layers rather than just a sheet in the summer.

Then of course Autumn means a return of the box sets on TV, Greys Anatomy, Chicago PD, Fire, Med and Blacklist and many more that will be watched on the dark evenings as we snuggle under a blanket on the settee. Yes I love the blanket but it is more than just I like it, we scrape by most months and so keeping the heating low and just wearing more layers and sitting under a blanket is also a necessary!

What TV shows are you looking forward to?

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