I am very much up to my neck in flare up during An ominous dusk, Oramorph is being used like vodka in an episode of Eastenders and still the pain keeps on pushing through.

Like most people who have the misfortune to deal with chronic pain, I have used learnt techniques to get through the day, however as soon as the light fades I start to feel differently about the pain.

An ominous dusk

Everything seems worse when it gets dark, well except for star gazing!

So even though I should really be trying to get to sleep as it’s likely to be a bad night, I have decided to blog as it’s another coping strategy as it takes some of the focus away from the pain. I have learnt a few techniques that help, one is an Mp3 called ‘Thunderstorm Out in the Fields’ and it is literally that, it’s rain that gets heavier with some nice claps of thunder and it builds and then slowly disappears into the distance. I have it playing now and it’s about 24 minutes long, I love heavy rain and thunder and at a previous property we had a conservatory and I would go and lay on the settee in there when it rained.
Anyway it helps to relax me and so therefore it helps with the Pain. download here for 99p

Thunderstorm MP3

Another technique I learnt from a book that I read many years ago, I can’t remember what the book was called but it covered a few meditation techniques, some are very easy like imagining the sun shining on you and feeling the heat fill you with positive energy as the negative energy flows out through your feet and some more difficult that take time to master.

This one took time, I imagine I’m walking down a hallway and all of what I picture is created by me and so the image is personal to everyone, I unlock a large heavy wooden door and walk into a room. The room I created in my mind is somewhere I can feel comfortable, somewhere relaxing and also somewhere that helps my pain. It took a very long while to be able to be able to meditate and go to this room and for a long while I haven’t used this technique but it’s something that I want to get back into.

The book instructs you to create jars of pills for whatever the problem is, headaches, back pain, whatever you need. You are told to imagine filling the jar with the tablets and labelling the jar with what the tablets are for and to imagine going to the room and taking a tablet to help and staying in that room to relax. Well when I read that I laughed, I couldn’t believe that they were actually saying an imaginary pill would help, I was also offended.
I have spent many years like other people with chronic pain and or illnesses dealing with people who don’t believe what we are going through and so we become very defensive when the old “it’s in your head” or similar comment arises, so when this book said I could help my pain levels by taking an imaginary pill, well I launched the book across the room with a profanity to help it on its way!
However I did start to use the room meditation and one day I filled a pot with pills and labeled it “PAIN PILLS”, I took a few because I hadn’t actually put any guidelines on the label (sorry bad sense of humour) and I laid on the settee by the fire that doesn’t really exist.
It helped! Now I’m not saying I was pain free and even if I was I couldn’t spend my life locked away in an imaginary room, after all I hadn’t put a fridge or a toilet in there! It did however help me to for a little while deal with some pain and I expect that was down to being able to relax and not sit there driving myself mad over the pain.

Anyway the storm has passed (the Mp3 has ended) and so I must try and get some sleep, sorry if I waffled on too much, well that is if you read all of it?

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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