It’s meds pick up day and my daughter returned from the chemists (pharmacy) with an extremely full carrier bag of meds to keep me going for the next four weeks. I was going to say “to keep me pain free” but anyone who suffers chronic pain will know that’s a joke!

I have a drawer in my bedside table in which I keep my meds, it’s a tight fit and so I use previously supplied plastic meds containers and I pop the tablets from their plastic and foil wrappings into the pots. It’s not all the meds that have a pot, just the Dihydrocodeine, the Paracetamol and Nortriptyline but that is enough. It also makes it easier when I fill my meds sorter once a week.

It always amazes me at how wasteful the packaging is, we are told to sort our household rubbish into recyclable, non recyclable, paper and cardboard and waste food and yet this is still happening.

What ever happened to the pharmacy having tubs of meds that are then dispensed into smaller pots, I could certainly take my pots back every four weeks to be refilled. Instead I’m sat on the bed for ages popping the tablets out into their relevant container, I can tell you although you probably already are aware of how sore your finger tips get after popping hundreds of pills out of the plastic and foil packaging.

The worst one is the Nortriptyline, tiny little tablets that arrive about ten to a blister strip that could hold double the amount. These things hurt my fingers like walking on legs bricks hurts, even now tapping on the screen of my tablet (no pun intended) my fingers are so damn sore. I actually ┬ájust tried to get a photo of my finger tips but it doesn’t show up.

How many tablets are dispensed in the UK every day?

Tablets all packaged up in plastic and foil, packaging that will not only end up in the bin but packaging that must be hard for people with problems with their hands or the elderly who have weaker hands.

I’m now wondering if this moan is justified or if the fact that my pain levels are high means I’m just being a miserable complaining old git? I guess it doesn’t matter really, it’s my blog and so I can moan lol.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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