Honestly, we Ordered a hammock got a gold ring from China!

This morning the postman delivered along with our mail, a package that was clearly from China.

Yep the grey plastic bag with the white labels that we all associate as being Chinese post.

I asked my wife what she had been ordering from Wish and she said “nothing”, of course I laughed and said “really!”

Gold ring from China

When my wife opened it she saw that it was a ring box and yes when she opened the box, it was a gold coloured ring!

Now I say Gold coloured because no one would believe that this is actually gold. An attached tag on the ring says $128 price and a weight of 1.6g but this can’t be true!

Could it?

We of course instantly logged on to our bank and PayPal and checked to make sure that no payments had been taken out from our account and nothing had come out that wasn’t meant to.

So why would we receive a product that we haven’t ordered?

Well she had ordered, but not this!

It is my birthday on Friday (it is Monday) and my wife has been stressing over a present she ordered me in June!

The tracking says that the parcel is in Chelmsford still even though tracking says it is in Southend and so she rang Royal Mail.

And yes you guessed it!

She had ordered me a hammock and frame and the ring that arrived with a package weight of 40g has that tracking number on it.

They do this so that they have proof that a product was delivered and so they can say “the product arrived, not our fault”!

Yes a very easy and apparently very successful scam out of China and it is a shame because I have reviewed for some very good Chinese companies and this just gives the whole Chinese online industry a bad name.

Ordered a hammock, got a gold ring

So my wife has put in a PayPal claim and we have to hope that they refund us!


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A quick update!

Scam from China
Email from vendor!

Dear customer,
Thanks for your support and concern on our store.
We feel so sorry for that inconvenience caused to you. Could you please kindly do us a favor to provide some pictures about the product you received? We will reflect the problem to our warehouse to see if we have a solution for it. Please don’t worry, we will try our best to help you solve the problems.
Can you please cancel PayPal’s complaint? We will definitely provide you with the most suitable solution. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.Looking forward to hearing from you.

A further update

From: 廉 志刚 <kitezhigang@hotmail.com>
Sent: Monday, August 24, 2020 7:47:48 AM
To: Donna Richardson
Subject: 回复: PAYPAL   Dear customer,
Thanks for your support and concern on our store.
As to this situation, we would like to show our sincere apology to you. As the product can be used normally, could I suggest that we issue a partial refund of 25% to you as a compensation and you don’t need to return the product to us which will save your money and time? If you really don’t want to keep it, we would like to suggest you to sell the product to someone who is interested in it as a gift. If you still need the original item, could you please place a new order after receiving the partial refund. If you have any other good solutions, please feel free to contact us. Please don’t worry, we will try our best to make you satisfied.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Have a nice day. Best regards, Yee

Whilst this may look like they are trying to resolve this issue by making out that the crap ‘not’ gold ring sent instead of a hammock and stand, it is clearly just an attempt to get a customer to withdraw a PayPal case against them.

It is fairly obvious that cancelling the PayPal claim would just end in them ignoring any future communication and the buyer is then left without any chance of refund because they themselves withdrew the claim.

An offer of a 25% refund is an insult and a further attempt to keep funds that were obtained illegally by scamming customers.

There is no way that the ring is worth anything!

Please be careful when purchasing products via the internet!

These people constantly create new websites, they take peoples money, rip them off and then move on.

PayPal will protect you and your payments and so stick with that payment method and do not be tricked into not following through the claim against the people that are just getting rich by stealing from us!


I have had a comment and over the time since this, some people have messaged me saying that they have had the same thing happen and PayPal are refusing refund because tracking shows the item was delivered!

That is the con!

They send a cheap crap ‘not’ gold ring that is delivered and so it looks like the real item was delivered as tracking says it was!

PayPal say they protect you, but apparently that is not the case!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

6 thought on “Ordered a hammock, got a gold ring”
  1. Same thing happened to me, with two different orders. A inflatable hot tub and two hammock swings.
    I got the stupid ring too and PayPal basically gave me the finger because the tracking showed that I received a package……the same gold ring that you got.

    1. They bloody well should!
      I think my wife managed to contact the company and gave them hell, they initially offered a part refund and said she could keep the ring (which we know is a piece of crap) but she kept on and got the refund in the end.
      PayPal know about this con and it is disgusting that they refuse to help!

  2. Same happen to me waiting to hear from them, I was wondering where the ring came from now o know I want a refund.

    1. It took a while but PayPal refunded us in full but the people who scammed us kept emailing us asking if we would drop the PayPal claim and deal with them direct and it was obvious that we shouldn’t!

  3. I’m interested to see an update because I’m in the exact same boat! I expected a mediocre-quality hammock but received a fake gold ring instead. I’m also disputing with PP. First the “company” offered to refund HALF of what I paid, but I turned this down.

    BTW – the “company” claims it is based in the Philippines and not China, but the tracking info is from China. The return address was a random one in California, which makes me think they have a list of stateside addresses they use illegally.

    1. Update – the company tried to offer me a 50% refund through the PayPal dispute system and I turned it down (of course). PayPal ended up refunding me the full price and I didn’t have to return the piece of junk ring.

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