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A package from China that I didn’t order!

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This morning the postman delivered along with our mail, a package that was clearly from China.

Yep the grey plastic bag with the white labels that we all associate as being Chinese post.

I asked my wife what she had been ordering from Wish and she said “nothing”, of course I laughed and said “really!”

Gold ring from China

When my wife opened it she saw that it was a ring box and yes when she opened the box, it was a gold coloured ring!

Now I say Gold coloured because no one would believe that this is actually gold. An attached tag on the ring says $128 price and a weight of 1.6g but this can’t be true!

Could it?

We of course instantly logged on to our bank and PayPal and checked to make sure that no payments had been taken out from our account and nothing had come out that wasn’t meant to.

So why would we receive a product that we haven’t ordered?

There is a scam where fake accounts place an order from one of the Chinese sellers and they dispatch products to names and addresses that have ordered before.

They can then have proof that a product was delivered and they can then place a ‘verified’ review and this may not even be for the product that was sent.

This is because reviews carry a lot of weight.

Over 70% of people check out reviews before placing an order and so fake reviews happen a lot more often than you would believe!

This is known as a ‘Brushing Scam’.

It is very cheap to send packages to the UK from China, the cost is negligible and worth doing just to be able to post a verified review.

Some people have received multiple packages from China and these can be as simple as a hair band or something else as cheap and so this is why we know that this ring cannot be real.

But for arguments sake, I will get it checked just for the sake of this post and I will report back.

Another scam is when someone buys a product from a Chinese site that costs over £50.

They then receive a package with a very cheap item in it and this is done so that proof of delivery makes it look as if the ordered product has arrived and so a PayPal claim may not be accepted.

Have you received a product from China that you didn’t order?

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