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A mental health dip

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I was doing so well, pain levels were okay(ish) which means not good and my mental health was okay(ish) and I thought or rather hoped that it would last.

However I recognised the signs that meant I was going into flare up, pain levels were rising, energy levels were going down and so I prepared myself and vowed to not let it affect my mental health.

I took regular doses of Oramorph (oral morphine) to keep the pain levels as low as possible and so that I stood a better chance of sleeping.

A tired Zec is a grumpy Zec, well grumpier!

Then something got to me and my mental health fell off a cliff and it wasn’t really a big thing and I find that it doesn’t take much to affect me and that is what bothers me the most, it makes me feel weak.

When we moved into this property 6 years and x months ago, my wife set up the electricity account with British Gas and I sorted the Gas and as it was with EDF, I left it with them.

We saw a piece this week on This Morning with Martin Lewis and he said that there was some good deals on Energy prices at the moment if you use the comparison sites and so I looked into it.

Now I don’t usually take care of anything like this because dealing with finances caused me mental health issues and so 8 ish years ago my wife took over and said to me to not worry.

British Gaslogo

But here I was on the old Meerkat comparison site that we have used for Car and Home insurance and I found a good deal that would save us £340 a year taking both utilities with British Gas.

I was on a high, I had sorted it and I had saved us money!

But then we got a message for me to contact British Gas, then my wife got a message saying “we hear you have moved” and my heart sank.

There was no option to use both our names and looking back I should have used my wife’s as she was the name with British Gas.

So she rang them and explained, they said we needed to put a security deposit down for the dual energy account and was told she would be transferred to another department and over an hour later she was still on hold.

It made no sense, we had always paid our bill with British Gas but as we were now taking our Gas over to them and resetting up the Electricity account, they did a credit check and of course it wasn’t good because we struggle as I can’t work and my wife cares for me!

Contacting them via the chat on the app was no better, my wife was being handed from one department to the next and in the end gave up.

So this has caused me to suddenly struggle (even more) again. My mental health has taken a big old dip and everything is now a problem because of the way I am thinking.

If like us you struggle financially you are punished by companies like British Gas. You either have to find £125 for a deposit or they insist on a pre pay meter and that means your gas and electricity costs more, how is that fair?

We tell the energy companies and any other company we deal with for things like this about my mental and physical health.

In fact we are told to tell them and it isn’t because we expect special treatment but it lets them know that you are vulnerable and that you may need extra help and that things like debt or issues with your account can cause big problems.

My wife has told me to forget about it and she will sort it out, she is so amazing but I can’t forget it. I tried to help and fucked up massively and may now have caused us more problems.

And even if I do forget it, it doesn’t matter because it has knocked me down and now everything has flooded in.

  • Will I get a letter saying I need a PIP assessment?
  • What if the landlord rings and says the rent is going up?
  • What are we going to do because we have no money?

And so much more, worrying about my health, going over the events that triggered PTSD years ago and being mentally low means I can’t handle the high pain as well.

All because I tried to help and British Gas seem unwilling to understand and help!

So we wait to see if it is sorted and if not we need to look elsewhere but then British Gas could charge us for leaving?!

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