Today is a day that we will never ever forget, today is a day that should never be forgotten.

Nearly three thousand men and women died in those callous attacks and I witnessed it all live on television and yet it felt so unreal, my brain couldn’t process what I was seeing, it was so unimaginable that I sat there silent. That silence didn’t last long, I was filled with rage in the days after that and like many others I was calling for revenge and rightly so.


We hope that we will never see images like that again and I expect we actually won’t see anything on that scale again, but we will unfortunately still have to suffer terrorist attacks because this war is unlike any other we have fought before. This is a war where we are vulnerable to something as simple to plan as running a soldier like Lee Rigby down and attacking him with blades, the truth is that we don’t know who is the enemy is until it’s too late.

The Muslim population shouldn’t have to take the blame however, that would be like blaming all Irish people for the lives that were lost at the hands of the IRA, its like hanging an entire family because the father killed someone. Its this problem that makes this situation so difficult, what we can’t allow to happen is that people are persecuted just because they are Muslim.

I firmly stand by what I have said and yet I’m scared, literally scared of the situation that is happening in Europe right now!
Hundreds of thousands of migrants are illegally crossing into Europe, many are fleeing from conflict in their country, but amongst them there are also economic migrants and they desperately want to settle in Europe, they make sure this happens by dumping their passports and by doing this the authorities can’t deport them if they fail to win asylum because we can’t be sure where they have come from.


I feel for these people, families who have had to leave their homes and belongings and escape fearing for their lives. The media are doing their best to show the suffering of families and the hardship that they face, but what we are not seeing is the ugly side, people are telling stories of mobs of young men attacking cars and buses and behaving like savages, and I am not talking about the made up stories that are clearly racist and designed to put fear in everyone. Stories from friends of friends who have queued in cars to board a ferry at Calais have told about their fear as the cars and trucks are attacked by these young men, luggage is stolen from cars, people are spat at and left fearing for their lives. Then there is the news story about the Christian migrants thrown overboard by some of the Muslim migrants whilst crossing the Mediterranean from Libya. However we have to remember that amongst this there are genuine migrants who are literally running scared. It is a very difficult situation indeed.

However today is about the lives lost on 9.11, innocent people who left home that morning thinking that they would return home that evening.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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