What are my top brands and what products do I recommend?

I am often asked what I recommend, I have already posted a ‘Top 3’ brands on Social media but a about a week ago I suddenly realised that I wasn’t quite right and now it has once again been updated.

Now, I have made it very well known that my favourite product is ‘The Butter Source‘ and I do highly recommend it, now it’s not really like a beard butter, it has a whipped look but when you take some and work it, its heavier but wow its incredible. However they sell the butter and a mist and so I have kept this as a favourite product but I have moved it out the top brands category.

So what are my Top 3 Brands?

Beardpilot – https://beardpilot.com/

Scruff Stuff – https://www.scruffstuff.co.uk/

Balbo Beard Co – http://balbobeardco.co.uk/

So you may realise that this has changed, I have now had to include Balbo Beard Co in my ‘Top 3’ since testing two balms out of the new range and the new moustache wax. This brand is so amazing and I am sure that if you use the products, you will hopefully agree. However this is of course my opinion after testing over 220 beard care products from 77 brands.

So now we move on to individual products and this is not easy, I have been trying to sort this out for ages. If you use the search function on here and type in Gold Cup Award, they are products that are just perfect, well in my opinion and I would recommend any of them. Of course there are others but you get the idea.

Anyway here goes

What are my top products?

The following products aren’t in any order, so the first doesn’t mean the best, it’s just all of them are my top pick

Beard Oil

Fit For VikingsLjón Lion

Beard LabThe Scientist

Scruff StuffMarshmallow


Balbo Beard Co#5

Beard Balm

The Butter SourcePineapple

Balbo Beard Co#5

BeardpilotCity Slicker

One TribeRum and Orange

Bedfordshire Beard CoDark Pepper

Tash Wax

Fuzz MuzzleMango

Bedfordshire Beard CoDark Pepper

ManmaneThe Zesty One


Balbo Beard CoSandalwood & Bergamot

Beard Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner

Scruff StuffBeard Conditioner

Tactical Beard CareBeard Blitz Shampoo

Balbo Beard CoSandalwood Soap

BeardsmithPine Tar Soap

Scruff StuffBeard Soap

So that is it, I am continuing to test and so therefore this list could change as I review new products.

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