Too far!

Now I have blogged about government welfare cuts, the inhumanity of the ATOS assessments and how our hospitals are failing chronic pain patients, all of these left me feeling upset but now something has come along that has left me open mouthed and in disbelief.

Doctor Who!

I always struggle when the Doctor goes through regeneration, I thoroughly enjoyed David Tennants portrayal of the Doctor and when Matt Smith came along eating fish fingers and custard, I was horrified. I was wrong to be like that, it turns out that Matt Smith ended up being my favourite Doctor of all time and so when he announced he was giving up the role of The Doctor, I was concerned and even more so when Peter Capaldi stepped out at the announcement of who would play the Twelfth Doctor.

However I quickly warmed to this new incarnation of The Doctor, but still mourned the loss of Matt Smiths Doctor.

Now we come to the problem, the guitar and the sunglasses!


I went with it, but that episode was ruined by the first part with The Doctor on his guitar challenging a Norman tribesman to an “axe” challenge and a modern day military tank behind him (not that there was a Norman battle tank). I was right to be concerned because it wasn’t long before I was cringing once more as The Doctor stood on the stairs of The TARDIS playing his guitar like a dad trying desperately to be cool and failing.

So let’s forget the guitar, if that’s possible? The trade mark sonic screwdriver has been transformed into a tacky pair of black sunglasses that can also be used to surf the internet, how do we know this? Well he asked Osgood who was wearing them to “not look at his browser history”, surely we are now losing the plot.
Yes I understand that every new actor that picks up the role of The Doctor adds their own stamp, changes to the TARDIS and clothes thatched Doctor wears and his personality also is altered but surely that has to be some sort of line that can’t be crossed. Losing the sonic screwdriver is crossing that line, every kid (and adult) fan wants a sonic screwdriver, but now it seems that all I have to do is buy a pair of 99p sunglasses from EBay and I have my own sonic device.

Okay, so now I have revealed my inner geek.

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