The weather and my sanity

Its raining and its not likely to stop and its my favourite weather, I even proposed to my wife in a heavy downpour.

However I am feeling far from happy because my weather station has finally died, it was just a cheap station and its actually a replacement of the original after a fault, luckily Maplin gave me a new station, but it wasn’t long before it started to lose signal and give some strange readings.
It had its own twitter account @HamstelWeather and tweeted a report every fifteen minutes and gave a constant stream of data to Weather Underground as iSouthen10 but the constant problems ended up causing more stress than enjoyment and stress is not good for me.

I’m disabled, many of you already know that and I’m a wheelchair user, I’m also in chronic pain 24/7 and very limited on what I can do and so my weather hobby was something that kept me going. I would supply friends and family with forecasts and people often asked me what certain day would be li,e weather wise. It gave me a sense of purpose, I felt like I had worth because people often told me how handy my weather updates were, I felt good even though I’m no Michael Fish (famous UK weatherman).


I finally pulled the plug on the station a few nights ago, it was playing up again and I let it upset me and stress allows the pain to creep in even harder and so I made the hard decision to say enough is enough. It was horrible and the next morning I went to check in on the weather station only to find a notice saying “this station is not reporting” on Weather Underground, what made it worse was that it was pouring with rain and it rained all day and yet I had no data apart from “wow its wet”.

So I did something that I’m uncomfortable with, I set up an account with Go fund me to try and raise some money for an entry level Davis weather station and data logger. Its a station called the Vantage Vue, a wireless station with base station and a data logger that links to a PC to send data over the Internet, I use my daughters old pink notebook/laptop that has a broken screen but it does the job of linking or it did the job of linking through to the Internet.

I have a small following on the stations twitter account and some are local businesses and so maybe they will think it’s worth donating to or maybe other people might be willing to help. I was unsure but I have already had my first donation and so maybe just maybe I can get back up and running.
So here is the link

Thank you

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