It’s all very well me writing reviews and contacting brands about doing a review, but how do brands know whether or not to trust me, am I just another guy looking for free products? Is it worth getting me to review their products? Will the reviews be seen by enough people and bring in customers?

So I contacted a few brands and asked them to tell me what they think?


The Butter Source Logo

“Hi Zec, just wanted to say thank you for all your help in promoting The Butter Source brand. Starting up a new business was daunting, but your product reviews added an instant boost to our sales. We’re really pleased you’ve taken such a liking to our products and very much appreciate all the beard lovers you’ve sent in our direction!! Thanks again to www.satonmybutt.co.uk!”

Tactical Beard Care
“After being contacted by Sat on my butts Zec Richardson regarding testing and reviewing our Tactical Beard Care products I initially thought “here we go again, another free loader”
…Boy was I wrong!
After lengthy conversations with Zec we immediately saw his determination and passion with all things Bearded and with this we submitted a few of our products for him to try and review.  Of course this took some time as he is very disciplined when testing each product in the hope to dismantle them and give an honest to the bone review.
Since sending our products to Sat on my butt we’ve seen a good percentage of sales coming directly from his site which is fantastic.
Thank you for being so honest Zec and keep up the hard work.”


Beardpilot logo

“Being a new beard brand with sky high ambitions is all fine and well if one is not put to the test. Hence when contacted by Mr. Richardson (the mastermind heading SatOnMyButt) we didn’t hesitate, to undergo the litmus test of his evaluation. Now we use the SatOnMyButt reviews as references from a true and trusted beard product reviewer, both on our website and when out promoting our premium products. The response we have received has been superb and has meant even more lift under our wings.”

Scruff Stuff Logo
“I trust Zec to give an honest review of all products.
He has a no bullshit attitude and will definitely let you know if something sucks or needs improved.”