Tactical Beard Oils 'Standby' Moustache Wax

Tested: Tactical Beard Oils ‘Standby’ Moustache Wax

Tactical Beard Oils 'Standby' Moustache Wax

Tactical Beard Oils 'Standby' Moustache Wax

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    I have been using Tactical Beard Oils ‘Stand By’ Moustache Wax for the past few days, my moustache is now at a stage where wax is needed everyday and this wax is doing a damn fine job.

    Tactical Beard Care

    What I like about this brand is its origins, even though there is no actual firm mention of the guys behind it, its obvious that the people behind it have served in the armed forces. The clue lies not only in the branding, although anyone could use such a name, it is hinted at in the ‘About Us’ section where they write “Tactical Beard Oil was born on an early summers eve when a group of bearded personnel were unhappy with the way their beards were being maintained in the hot and sandy climate.”

    So here we have a brand born out of a discussion amongst some guys who were deployed in Afghanistan and were not worrying about the constant threat on their lives, nope they were frustrated that their beards were dusty and dry and that sums up the bravery and incredible mindset of these men who are in my eyes, heroes!

    Tactical beard Oil Wax label


    The wax is still unlabelled, its been called ‘Stand By’ and is Black Pepper, lemon and Lime scented, it’s a new product and I have been fortunate to be the first to get my hands on some, its made from Organic bee’s wax,  organic Argan oil,  organic shea butter,  organic sweet almond oil & vitamin E. Scents are all organic essential oils locally sourced which include lemon,  lime and black pepper. So I was surprised when I opened the tin and saw that the wax is pure white, normally using those ingredients leads to a buff coloured wax, it was explained to me how they get it to be white, but I was told that its a secret and who am I to upset ex-forces personnel, I cant even walk, let alone run for my life!

    Tactical beard Oil Wax


    I always use the end of my comb to scrape beard wax out of a tin, a small amount worked between my thumb and forefinger until soft is then applied to my moustache. This morning my daughter was sat on our bed and said “oh wow, what’s that smell, its amazing” and this took my by surprise as she always turns her nose up at the smell of my beard products. What’s nice about this wax is that it’s not sticky like a lot of waxes, it works into my moustache hair really well and keeps it in place without making it matted and sticky. it also leaves my moustache looking natural and yet held in place, I would say this wax is medium to firm hold.

    So head on over to https://www.tacticalbeards.com/ and check out their products and show them some support, there are more products being worked on and will be available soon! You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook

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